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    Like What Airbnb Office in Japan?

    Wednesday, September 7, 2016, September 07, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-08T03:06:28Z

    Website home rental, Airbnb was recently renovated office in Japan. Environment Team of Airbnb collaboration with local architecture firm, Suppose Design Office to create a new office that is convenient for employees. The office itself is designed based on the environment and traditional Japanese-style interior.

    Airbnb offices in Japan previously consisted of a lot of space and a little area for socializing or gathering for employees. After conducting research and detailed interviews with employees, the office now comes with the "face" of the new.

    Upon entering the office, the reception area will remind employees at an outdoor cafe with a double-height atrium. On the floor, there is a wooden path that leads to the building-like rooms, while the "office" is filled with wooden tables and chairs.

    Now, employees also have many choices of places to work, including a communal work table, a table with adjustable height, project tables, private and semi-private booths, lounges and cafes. Such designs would encourage a healthier work environment, enhancing socialization and bonding between employees, and supports the concept of "belong anywhere" promoted by the company.

    Office environment is also surrounded by various plants. There is also, large windows that provide natural light so the room was bright and airy. While the ceiling is designed in black and equipped by lighting dropped, making the room seem higher and the area. Not to forget, a spacious kitchen table along with a large island that everyone has room to prepare a meal and a chat.

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    Source: Dezeen, contemporist, dexigner




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