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» » » » » » » » » » 'Mourinho could repeat Class of 92 Era'

Jose Mourinho (c) PL

If there is a manager who is able to rebuild Manchester United with a series of quality young talent like the era of the Class of 92, then the figure is Jose Mourinho.

It is the opinion of Benni McCarthy, a striker who've dealt with Mourinho at Porto and won the Champions League with the Portuguese club.

"If a club can repeat history, as they did with the Class of 92, then it is United," said McCarthy at the Manchester Evening News.

"They have a manager who can best ability of players, but it will take time. The young players will emerge and get a chance, and he is known to give an opportunity to the players to be a star, if you are a young player, experienced, or were close to senior. "

"He did the same with the young players and they are not playing. He does not have any favorites. It makes no difference if you are Rooney, Lingard, or Zlatan."

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