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    Places Anti-Mainstream in Makassar, will make Traveling Experience You More. You Must Try!

    Wednesday, September 28, 2016, September 28, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-29T03:51:10Z
    Makassar is one of the largest cities in South Sulawesi. The city that was once the gateway to East Indonesia is famous for the richness baharinya. Starting from the view of the beach and ocean famous culinary fresh. Along Losari, Makassar city icons lined up a variety of culinary bananas Epe with a variety of flavors. Not far away there is a Culinary Center Somba Opu many selling fresh seafood.

    If you want to hunt for souvenirs. Many handicrafts are sold at Somba Opu Street. Crafts such as silk and songkok Bugis many have encountered there. Not far from the city of Makassar, you can visit the waterfall which has a specific Bantimurung as a cascading waterfall. Located in Maros regency, about an hour's drive from the city of Makassar. At that location there is also a butterfly dosing. even you can see some butterflies that type of rare and only there.

    If you want a historical tour. You can visit the tombs of the kings of Gowa empire. Such as the tomb of Sultan Hasanuddin Roosters from the East. But for those of you who are bored with Losari Beach, Fort Rotterdam Ford. Want to feel the new atmosphere when visiting Makassar. The following could be an alternative to Makassar.

    1. Island Camba-Sideburns - Kab. Pangkep

    Camba-Sideburns Island via

    This island is a tourist island community pride Pangkep. This city can be reached in about two hours drive from the city of Makassar. The island has the shape of an arrow Arjuna seperni this can be achieved 10-15 minutes from the pier Maccini Labbakkang Baji.

    If you want the island to simply spend Rp. 150,000 / boat and pay an entrance fee of Rp island. 10,000 / person. On this island you can feel the high seas travel. On this island has been equipped Waterpark, villas to stay and restaurants serving seafood.

    2. Malino Highland - Kab. Gowa

    Malino Highland via
    Malino highland is expected to be a landmark tour the world. The area is right at the peak of Malino area offers panoramic real green. Tea plantations are ready to reap meet a hilly area and is widely known. Can reach temperatures above 5 degrees.

    This area can be reached about three hours from the city of Makassar. Because located right above the mountain. Costs should you spend is 50,000 / person. Cost includes the cost of entry attractions there. like a waterfall, a mini zoo, and other sights. You should bring the vehicle because given the vast expanse of this tourist complex.

    If you intend to spend the night provided some villas can be occupied. But not complete if not immediately tea tasting freshly picked in the region. you can feel that green tea also deliberately planted here that the seeds have to come directly from Japan.

    3. Bantimurung Water Park - Kab. Maros

    Bantimurung Water Park via
    Bantimurung Water Park is the latest attraction in Maros. districts are identical to the butterfly kingdom is building a water park not far from upgrading butterfly. Bantimurung Water Park is located in a tourist complex Bantimurung waterfall.

    With a ticket price of Rp. 15,000 / person you can enjoy rides in the water park area. Tires that can be used as a float can be used free of charge. We recommend if you come here, bring their own food. let more delicious. Facts Bantimurung Water Park water used is water straight from the surrounding mountains. so you get fresh water.

    4. Pucak Teaching Farm - Kab. Maros

    Pucak Teaching Farm via
    Other sights of others offering the best educational tour in Maros. Hilly areas which can be reached only through Sulawesi's ring road can be taken two hours from the city of Makassar. Named Teaching Farm because this location is often used for livestock and horticulture research biggest in South Sulawesi. Because here there are a wide variety of farm animals such as cows, deer, goats, and various types of birds and even the types of freshwater fish are also many in this location.

    Amenities here are very cheap. you only spend USD. 10,000 / people are able to enjoy the facilities. Except swimming pool with additional funds of Rp. 10,000 / person. Uniquely here you can get cheaper bbuah fruits. were purchased after you pick their own. Here also there is an alligator for research. Artificial lake for water bike rides. if you want to rest provided by the hotel overlooking the pool.

    5. Beach Punaga - Kab. Takalar

    Turkish Punaga via
    If during this time you see panta synonymous with sand puti. unlike the case with Turkish Punaga. the beach is located at the end Takalar district is still fairly new. uniqueness Punaga beach is shaped cliffs along the coast are gorgeous. If you want to bathe the manager is already providing the stairs down toward the cliff.

    The area to the beach Punaga still fairly virgin. Because 10 km before getting to the location, there are no houses. But do not worry you will be guided by the signpost that leads directly to the beach. Here you can feel the sun terbenamyang lead directly to the beach. And feel the sunset on the beach cliffs.


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