Powerful Tips Repel Mosquitoes with Homemade Natural Concoction

Powerful Tips Repel Mosquitoes with Homemade Natural Concoction

Small blood-sucking insects are spreaders of various diseases ranging from dengue fever, malaria, and the latest is the Zika virus spreaders very dangerous.

Well to avoid mosquito bites can transmit a variety of diseases, there are actually a lot of material around us that we can use to prevent mosquito bites that can cause many diseases.

Indeed, many outstanding repellent available in stores. However, because the material used is not a natural material, it could be the long term effect will be bad. Therefore we should make their own blend of natural ingredients to repel mosquitoes.

One of the natural ingredients that are fairly easy to obtain that can repel mosquitoes is lemongrass, citronella or lemongrass Cymbopogon citratus or Latin language.

This natural material can be obtained in traditional markets or super market is great if you live in big cities.

How to create a blend of lemongrass to repel mosquitoes? Quite easy to make.

Powerful Tips Repel Mosquitoes with Homemade Natural Concoction

First, prepare the lemon grass stalks that have clean, at-at the rough or digeprek rod-white batangsereh it.

Both take vegetable oil to taste. Heat in a very small fire. After the heat input lemongrass and cover tightly. Heat on low heat approximately one and one half hour.

Once cool, store in a glass jar, should not not be stored in plastic bottles. Apply on the skin surface while it is a lot of mosquitoes, the mosquitoes undoubtedly would not dare to approach again.

Natural mixing is also safe for babies. How're ready to try?

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