Solution when the iPhone is totally dead after iOS update 10

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The unpleasant news just received related to the launch of Apple iOS update 10 globally. Many Apple devices, either iPhone or iPad reported total alias bricked dead after trying to update.

Yes, update IOS 10 otherwise could cause Apple gadget experience bootloop, and the screen only displays the Apple logo. Continue to be so if not corrected, in other words the software damage.

Well, if this problem occurs when you perform an update IOS 10, there are some steps that can be done.

1. Find a computer, can be Mac or Windows, which has the latest version of the iTunes application.
2. Connect your iPhone or iPad with a computer problem in the Lightning cable.
3. Open iTunes
4. Press and hold the Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously until the iPhone (or iPad) start the recovery mode and the screen turns (featuring attempt as iTunes).
5. Open iTunes on your computer to run 'update' or 'restore' the data iPhone / iPad.
6. Select the option 'update' to continue the installation of iOS 10 (option restore will restore to iOS 9).
7. Wait for the iPhone / iPad complete the update. Done!

If the steps above do not resolve the problem of failing to stop bricked, you can repeat the process but select 'restore' to return to iOS 9. After iPhone / iPad back to iOS 9, you can try to update IOS 10 at the earliest.

However, if these measures fail again. You should come to the nearest Apple Store for repair.

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