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    Spark Plug Motor Injection and Carburetor Different, Never One Install

    Friday, September 2, 2016, September 02, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-03T03:19:47Z
    Motor development at this time began to turn to the system as a supplier of fuel injection. This technology utilizes a more complex electrical systems to supply petrol ECU controlled, and how it works differently than the carburetor

    To that end, the type of plugs used are also different. Therefore, the injection motor plugs have been using a resistor in it.

    "The technology is different, more toward the twin iridium coating that makes durable, there are resistors for injection. So there is the origin of the application," said Yudo Handoko, Head Outlet TDR Tech.

    He reminded motorists do not be mistaken in using plugs in the motor injection, although the length and diameter of the screw exactly. "Risk does not, do not perfectly just. Living hell but not a maximum. Spark Plug can not be substituted, except for temporary use," he said.

    Meanwhile, as the Head Shop AHASS Supardiono 0001 Astra Motor Jakarta some time ago to call when the spark plug for injection motor and carburetor generally can exchange use. The condition is the same length and diameter screw.

    "Spark Plug only caused electric sparks at the specification not much different in the heat. More can be the maximum results in accordance the specification ," said the man with the greeting this Pardi.

    For information, plugs for the injection motor incorporating resistors are the letter 'R' in the code. Meanwhile, ordinary spark plugs code there is no other R code while the same code.


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