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This concept of color 'white-matte' from the iPhone, Interesting?

In the seventh-generation iPhone, Apple updated the color of its flagship smartphone, by adding a matte Black, Jet Black and shiny. A matte finish or matte, which carried the colors Black, actually not so different from the color Space Gray who had carried the Cupertino-based company. So there was not a new color.

Questions eventually emerge, as has long been Apple does not produce white colored device overall. If you want a white Apple gadget, you have to buy an iPhone 4s. Since then, there was the white iPhone.

What is wrong to suppose that if the iPhone emit a white color variant which has a considerable interest them. Reporting from Phone Arena, this is a concept created by the artist from Russia, which imagines if the white iPhone doff or 'white-matte'.

iPhone 7 concept colored matte white. ©

For now, it is still very difficult to achieve. How not, the choice of colors are meant to be have a larger segment again. With plenty of options Android smartphone that is not less sophisticated with competitive price, Apple had no other choice but to reduce the color.

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