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    This is the World's First Smart Whistles

    Thursday, September 1, 2016, September 01, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-02T06:35:17Z
    Illustration Wiso Smart Whistle (Source: Wiso)

    It is undeniable, security becomes a factor that can not be separated from humans. In fact, security needs to be supported by a sophisticated device of the technologies evolve so rapidly today.

    PT Arnoldy Spry Authority (ASW), a service company that provides security services to look at security as a factor that needs to be improved.

    Therefore, they worked with Wiso, a leading provider of secure entity with advanced technology denganmeluncurkan the world's first smart whistle.

    Connected via Bluetooth and GPS, collaborate Wiso whistle whistle traditional with modern technology to bring extra security.

    So when the whistle blew this clever (or also can press the button on the whistle for 2 seconds), automatic whistle will send emergency notifications in real time to the user's closest associates.

    In addition, users can also set who and how many people you want to send emergency notifications when he was in danger.

    Further discussed by the ASW and Wiso, the use of the whistle can be used on smartphones and can be become fashion accessories.

    Thus, users do not need to worry if this seems a smart handball as a security tool, because Wiso have innovative design and color, not like handball in general.

    ASW itself known as a company that is often held coaching, training and regular education to the client and to maximize the security members guarding the safety of the users of services.

    ASW also provide all kinds of information security threats with solutions so that clients can anticipate the threat.


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