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    Want to down 4 kilograms in 3 days? Try 'Diet Soldiers!'

    Wednesday, September 14, 2016, September 14, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-15T03:00:37Z
    Diet army. © womens health magazine

    Do you want to lose weight fast? If you believe that you have the discipline like a soldier, your discipline will bear significant weight loss. But a lot of things to consider if this is to be achieved. Therefore, this diet is predicted as a tough diet.

    How not, according to experts, a diet that had the original term 'Military Diet' is in fact not be done more than three days. If more than three days, the body will actually experience a shortage of intake. This causes dieters these soldiers must discipline ourselves to survive in the 72 hours to down 4 kilograms. Interested?

    If you are interested, diet army is a step by step diet that provides only 860 to 1,150 calories per day. The concept is to consume far less than the amount burned by the body. With this body will instantly make burning fat as a target.

    Here is a menu that should be followed by the discipline to adopt a soldier.

    The first day

    Breakfast: half a grapefruit, a piece of toast with peanut butter, and tea or coffee with caffeine

    Lunch: half a cup of tuna, a piece of toast, and tea or coffee with caffeine

    Dinner: 3 ounces of meat, 1 cup green seeds, half a banana, a small piece of apple, and one cup of vanilla ice cream

    The second day

    Breakfast: 1 fruit, eggs, a piece of toast, half banana

    Lunch: a cup of 'cottage cheese,' the fruit of hard-boiled eggs, as well as five salty crackers

    Dinner: 2 pieces of hot dog sausage, a cup of broccoli, half a cup of carrots, half a banana and half a cup of vanilla ice cream

    The third day

    Breakfast: Five pieces of salty crackers, one ounce of cheddar cheese, and an apple

    Lunch: one boiled egg pieces, and one piece of toast

    Dinner: one cup of tuna, half a banana and a cup of vanilla ice cream

    From the menu description that seems quite heavy, there are many things that can be done, and make this diet is not as restrictive as in our imagination. This is because unlike the mayo diet, this diet allows additional flavoring ingredients such as salt, pepper, mustard, lemon juice, herbs and spices, as well as no-calorie sweeteners. Which is not allowed is complementary such as tomato sauce and chili sauce, mayonnaise or ketchup.

    Beverage that should be drunk only water, black coffee, and tea. You should not be drinking other types of beverages, moreover, that contain a lot of sugar and alcohol. This is the most cutting calorie intake per day of our body.

    If you are eager to do this diet, wait a minute. If you need a lot of energy every day, of course you are not fit to do this diet. Instead, you're better off to keep in shape or lose weight by exercise regimen. Diet is also not suitable for those who are pregnant or elderly.


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