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    What Kind of Architectural Design Trends in 2016?

    Wednesday, September 7, 2016, September 07, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-08T02:58:09Z

    Photo : majalahasri

    Architecture and interior design trends always interesting to observe annually. In 2016, the development of the property market in Indonesia is not just a shift in sales figures seen from a home or apartment units, but also looked at the change from the design.

    According to the architect and consultant Founder SpaXious Design architect who also teaches at a private university in Jakarta, Peter Yogan Gandakusuma, a growing architectural trend in 2016 is expected to increasingly lead to sustainable modern design style (sustainable design).

    "The architectural design of modern still survive, but along with increased public awareness to protect the environment, is expected to bring significant changes in the design of this year" said the man who is familiarly called 'Peyo' this.

    Physically, the concept focuses on development with due respect to the use of materials, energy utilization, design and construction. The public will be more aware to take advantage of the rest of the building materials or processes used materials which are then wrapped in a more modern look.

    Also in terms of design realized through more efficient space arrangement (layout), where the number of spaces unused increasingly minimized and maximized window openings or holes in the form of air to circulate air and sunlight into the house. Thus the public can save electricity consumption and utilize natural energy that exists..


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