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    While you are Despised. Quiet. Success Waiting at the Edge Road.

    Monday, September 5, 2016, September 05, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-09-06T06:51:12Z

    You just can not make everyone like you. There are times when you should receive from people who do not feel like you - even though it is not at all justified. When the insult comes, it is definitely hurt you feel. But do not ever make it as a burden that inhibits you to thrive.

    You may be humiliated now. And you may be hurt. But keep it as a trigger your passion. To prove to those who've underestimated you, that you are just as strong and will be more successful than them.

    Heartache when bullied it for sure, but the sincere heart to live. There is a separate reward of perseverance.

    Patience and a big heart it should be! via meanstinks.com

    "Stupid really you!"
    "Do not close! Impure I close with you, "

    Just imagine what the pain when there are people who talk like that to you. It seemed obvious to make the hurt and sore. Which pissed again, when you fight and reply to insults, you will be subject to a violent bully. If already so what can you do?

    It was heavy, but you need to be sincere in receiving it. Rather than get angry and make trouble, instead you will bully even crazier. Relax, usually if you instead wait, they will retreat itself really. Even if they do not retreat, your patience will bear fruit later anyway. Well, weve not directly now anyway. But is not there a saying, dear beloved people of Allah. Sure, Allah will reward.

    Those who insult is not always better than you. It could be they are just jealous of what you have.
    Suppose they just envy via www.tumblr.com

    "Hahahahahaha very tacky clothes, anyway,"
    "No wonder right. Tacky like the man. Ha ha ha ha,"

    You never can insult like that? Insults contents comment on what you do, what you wear, and what are you talking about? If ever how it feels? The pain, yes. But do not let the pain make you late linger.

    You have to stay positive in the face of insult given by them. How trivial, let's say they are jealous of what you have. Insults Not only do you mean ugly and does not deserve to be admired. It could be even because you are different and special that they envy to nature. That's why you do not need to enter into the hearts insults that you receive.

    At least with them insult you, it means they are also watching you. Whatever it is, take the positive side of any insults directed to you.
    Fixed take the positive side, yes via theconfidentman.tumblr.com

    Although you are bullied, insulted and reviled by heavily by those who hate you, you do not need to fear much less depressed. Resilient enough and see things from the positive side. They have embarked insults you is the fruit of observation that they do every day. So yes they deem wrote their attention to you.

    Do not worry though as they continue to bombard you with insults. It was counted you give them a job for thinking every day. Besides, received insults from them, you can get a reward if you want to transfer patient and steadfast current deal.

    In the end, parents are always understood. Tell them about the things that you worry about could be a solution.
    You can tell your parents via dylandsara.com

    Even within each of patience and fortitude that you live, you would still feel hurt after bullied. Out there you can just looked ordinary and carefree, but in the hearts of no one knows, right? Maybe at some point you will feel depressed for any insult. Upset, angry and hurt definitely over.

    But you do not need to worry too much. There are parents who are always faithful listening, advising, and assisting. You can tell all the complaints that you feel. Parents will always try to help and give advice. Even as the world insult you, Mom and Dad will still try to support and strengthen you. They will always be your supporters number one.

    Bully and insult was not the end of the world. Remember, it is the proof by you in the future.
    What is important evidence in the future

    "... so just can not!"
    "People like you're not going to be okay!"
    "Most also later can not work"

    The statement may sound painful underestimated. In fact there were very piercing until you feel no longer able to face and be prepared to give up with this hard life. You begin to doubt what you really can do

    But actually you do not need to be afraid. Insults you receive not the end of everything. Although it feels heavy, you still have the spirit. Prove that your life could be useful. Try to be more active in order to achieve their goals. Many examples are already happening. When the insult and bully turned into motivation.

    Those who once had limitations could succeed with his labors. If they can, you too can make it!
    Walt Disney could prove he is capable of! via blogs.disney.com

    Still remember the late Walt Disney insulted because he had a different idea? The late Walt Disney insulted because he could not draw properly. The picture is even denied everywhere on the grounds he was talented and had no imagination. A similar case was also experienced by Michael Jordan. He was denied entry because of the high basketball club is not enough for the size of a basketball player.

    But yet they have proved to the world that insults they received could end up sweet with effort and tireless hard work. If they can, why do not you? At least you can make them as motivation for the future could be more meaningful life.

    Well, for you who often gets insults for being different, needless to sadness that lingered. Moreover, to depression and give in the future. You still have to be patient and zest for life. Prove that later you can make people who had insulted silenced the accomplishments you've got!

    Keep the spirit Okay!


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