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    10 beautiful and talented actress who paint the world of cinema Asia

    Sunday, October 16, 2016, October 16, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2020-04-01T12:10:43Z
    Prettiest actresses from Asia, Araya Hargate, Marian Rivera, and Diem My. © 2016 Merdeka
    Beautiful, sexy, and talented. That impression is inherent in the actress this woman. paras their beauty is the main attraction for moviegoers. But the quality of their acting could not be underestimated. A series of prestigious film titles already in their portfolio pieces. Some of them have even won the prestigious award. Not a few who began to explore the world of acting internationally.

    Who are they? Here is a row of the prettiest actresses from Asia, reported from various sources.

    My Diem.
    1. Diem My - Vietnam

    My Diem is one multitalented star of Vietnam. He is famous for having a beautiful face dolls tub and sensual gaze. Women born in 1962 who still look youthful is diving profession actress, model, and has a great talent in designing clothes. The films that starred, among others, The Lady Assassin, Let Hoi Decide, and Love Puzzle. Had also nominated as best actress in Vietnamese Golden Kite Award.

    My Diem came from a family who works as a tailor for three generations. In 2008, Diem My studying fashion design at Lotus University and Mod'art Vietnam. He graduated with highest honors in 2010. After that, Diem My won the award in Hutech Aquafina Pure Fashion Designer Contest.

    Carmen Soo.
    2. Carmen Soo - Malaysia

    Women's real name Soo Wai Ming Malaysian public is better known by her stage name, Carmen Soo. Currently, Soo better known as an actress. But early in his career, he had tried his luck as a model. Soo has a petite body that made it difficult to penetrate the runway prestigious stages. But his demand as a star of television advertising and print media. After success as an advertising model, he finally plunge into acting, a profession which he made his name until now.

    Carmen started his acting career as an extra in the film Gorgeous, starring Jackie Chan. She starred in the horror film The Hunter 3D Malaysia and appeared in the film Dead Mine produced by HBO Asia. Carmen also starred in Ghost Child, released in Singapore.

    Araya Hargate.
    3. Araya Hargate - Thailand

    Araya Hargate is one of the most expensive star in Thailand. Women's real name Araya Alberta Hargate has English blood from his father. He was more publicly known affectionately Thailand Chompoo.

    Chompoo is an actress, singer, model, and presenter. The films most memorable was Saranae Siblor Crazy Crying Lady. Dozens of popular television drama has been starred.

    Chompoo considered a fashion icon in Thailand. Analysts praised the fashion tastes berbusananya dramatic but still classic. Frequently invited at the Cannes Film Festival, Chompoo always stunning on the red carpet.

    Alia Bhatt
    4. Alia Bhatt - India

    India is the country of the most beautiful women in the world. Actresses of the country is often hailed beauty and exoticism. Among the many beautiful actresses in the Bollywood film industry, Alia Bhatt, 23, is among the most young and promising.

    Alia Bhatt is one of the famous Bhatt family members in Bollywood. This cute girl dimpled begin a career as an actress children in the film Sangharsh. Her first major role was a popular student in the film Student of The Year (2012). Acting as a teenage girl who suffered Highway stockholm syndrome in the film was praised by film critics. His role as a poor immigrant in Udta Punjab also got a good reception from critics.

    Besides acting, Alia also sang three songs in the movie that starred. He also launched a fashion collection for women by name.

    Ivy Chen.
    5. Ivy Chen - Taiwan

    Although it looks cute, Ivy Chen apparently already 33 years old. Women in Indonesia known through adaptation of the Japanese manga Skip Beat! This is a well-known actress and model in his home country, Taiwan.

    Ivy Chen graduated from Jinwen University of Science and Technology with a major in information management. Women born 12 November 1982 attracts talent agent after appearing in a variety show Guess in 2002. After starring in a number of commercials and music videos, Ivy began to spread its wings into the world of acting.

    Ivy's most popular drama among others Smiling Pasta and Black and White. In addition to playing in a television drama, she also appeared in the film Spider Lilies, Hear Me, and Paradise In Service.

    Yui Aragaki.
    6. Yui Aragaki - Japan

    Yui Aragaki touted as one of the most beautiful actresses in Japan. He is known to have a cute face and a friendly, easy fitting play the roles of teenagers even though he was already 28 years old. Additionally, Yui became the darling of the public because of his private graceful and shy.

    Women born June 11, 1988 it soared through drama Dragon Zakura which aired in 2005. Since then he has starred in a variety of popular drama title, among other My Boss, My Hero and Gal Circle. Subsequently he appeared in successful films Sky of Love (Koizora) which made the award winning best newcomer actress in Nikkan Sports Film Award.

    Song Hye-kyo.
    7. Song Hye-kyo - South Korea

    Despite its popularity had faded over the years, Song Hye-kyo is still a heartthrob in South Korea. This gentle female flawless again rule polling prettiest actresses in South Korea Vote for Most. In the last 10 years, the name Song is never escaped from the list of most beautiful celebrities in the country's ginseng.

    Song had become a skating athletes currently attending primary school. She won a modeling contest at the age of 14 years old teenager. After the Song debut as an actress in the drama First Love. Having starred in various dramas title, name of Song soared through Autumn in My Heart was released with the title Endless Love in Indonesia. Full House drama that starred with Rain also spread the Korean wave fever throughout the world.

    Song had a vacuum for two years because of saturation with the roles offered to him innocent. After spending time in the United States to learn English and travel, Song returned to acting with roles in films weightier Hwang Jin-yi, A Reason to Live, and Camellia. He also appeared in the drama Worlds Within and That Winter hailed by critics as well as Descendants of the Suns bounced back who made his name in 2016.

    Marian Rivera.
    8. Marian Rivera - Philippines

    Women in Indonesia is famous through remake telenovela Marimar is regarded as one of the prettiest and sexiest women in the Philippines. His name is always in the top 10 most beautiful women list created by the magazine Maxim, FHM, and Uno. He was even awarded the title of Sexiest Woman by FHM for 3 years (2008.2013 and 2014).

    Marian blood flowing in the body of the Philippines and Spain. This beautiful woman was born in the city of Madrid on 12 August 1984. He began his career as a model of children before appearing in a variety of popular dramas such as Amaya, Darna, Temptation of Wife, Dyesebel, and Marimar. The film, he starred between lainMy Best Friend's Girlfriend, Super Inday and the Golden Bibe, Extras, Kung Fu Divas, and My Big Bossing's Adventures.

    Marian entangled in love with actors and presenters Dingdong Dantes, opponent in Marimar. Both tied the knot in 2014. A year later, Marian gave birth to their first daughter, named Maria Letizia Dantes.

    Zhang Yuqi.
    9. Kitty Zhang

    Women are also known by the name of Kitty Zhang is probably still relatively new in the world of acting, in contrast with big stars such as Fan Bingbing and Ruby Lin, which was already in existence.

    Women born August 8, 1986 is known for his role in the movie CJ7 released in 2007. The film has catapulted his name in the entertainment industry China.Zhang first appeared in the film The Longest Night in Shanghai.

    Stephen Chow first saw Zhang at a Kentucky Fried Chicken ads and keen to take her acting in the film. He also chose Zhang as the female lead in the film, CJ7. After completing filming CJ7, Zhang appeared in the Japanese movie Shaolin Girl (also produced by Stephen Chow).

    Chelsea Islan.
    10. Chelsea Islan

    This is a young star on the rise in the world of entertainment Indonesia. At the age of 21 years, Chelsea Islan has starred in many successful movies with stars veteran wide Reza Rahadian, Dwi Sasono, and Bunga Citra Lestari. Some of the successful titles he played among others Merry Riana: Million Dollar Dreams, Guru Nation: Tjokroaminoto, 3 Heroine, and Rudy Habibie. Chelsea also starred in the sitcom neighbor Masa Gitu and into a number of advertisements on television and print media.

    Some time ago Chelsea had tripped over a case of obscene videos. Someone who is not accountable to record the activity of Chelsea in the bathroom without his knowledge. The video is circulating in cyberspace and the sympathy of the masses. The case popularize the hashtag #SaveChelseaIslan in cyberspace.

    That row of beautiful actresses that characterizes the Asian film industry. Which is so favorite?


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