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    14 Country Can 'Destroyed' If World War III Broke, Could it be?

    Tuesday, October 25, 2016, October 25, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-10-25T09:15:51Z
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    Some people walked past the buildings were destroyed by fighting in Tariq al-Bab rebel in Aleppo, Syria, (5/10). The UN estimates that 275,000 people are trapped in the fighting.
    (REUTERS / Ismail Abdalrhman)
    Hypothesis outbreak of World War III by the current political scenario could happen. It was seen from the readiness of each superpower.

    Not only that, the conflict in Syria is unrelenting considered would be the trigger global war in the future.

    Not long ago the German government asked its citizens to stocking all the needs of food and beverage. Things never done since the country's Cold War.

    However, the most surprising is the request of President Vladimir Putin asking its citizens around the world to return home.

    If true World War III broke out, there is the possibility of mass destruction and human beings on Earth could be lost. It happened because there are 9 countries that have nuclear weapons are deadly.

    Which countries are the human race will be destroyed or even destroyed? What about the fate of Indonesia.

    The following 14 countries are likely to be seriously affected if World War III erupts. Quoted from Listsurge and various sources on Sunday (10/23/2016).

    1. India

    Lack of funds for the defense and also the immigration issue in India has become a major issue in the country. If World War III broke out, despite having nuclear weapons, India and neighboring Pakistan to be destroyed.

    Not to mention the problem of refugees if the true World War III broke woes will add to India. Poor people are getting poorer.

    2. Egypt

    Egyptians suspected of planning to participate in the war by organizing a coalition with Arab countries such as Syria, Iraq, and Libya already. Their main plan if World War III broke out to attack Israel and Palestine trigger war.

    Egypt's economy relies mostly on agriculture and industry. If World War III broke out, they will be supporting the food and weapons for the war through the canal Canal. However, Israel is not as weak as it is, prediction if war broke out, the invasion of the country will make the country the Pyramids were erased from the map.

    3. France

    France participated as the US coalition in the Civil War in Syria are ongoing. Increasing their military power since 2014 after joining the coalition forces in Iraq and Syria.

    However, after the attack Paris on 13 November 2015 and, in fact attacks in susceptible negerilah case for France. Even so, France has prepared preparations if nuclear weapons were directed to his country.

    4. South Korea

    Korean Peninsula neighborhood like wildfire in the husk. Moreover, if Kim Jong-un has decided to attack the US and bombed Seoul.

    Peaceful life in South Korea will be easily ruined if World War III erupts.

    5. Iran

    Although the dialogue ended with the Iranian nuclear disarmament by the United States, secretly they still have conflicts with Uncle Sam. Likewise against Israel.

    Iran is close and has a military cooperation with Lebanon. If the United States attacks the rest of Iran's nuclear weapons, the retaliation will make World War III.

    War with the US will make a sluggish global economy due to high oil prices. Most of the Asian countries that depend on oil in the Gulf State will make them miserable. One of Indonesia. Although no direct relations with Iran, but a number of energy-related cooperation will run aground.

    6. England

    English is very afraid of a nuclear attack by the contestants countries originator of World War III, especially Russia and nuclear submarines.

    State Queen Elizabeth II has invested a system that is automatically sent to all its citizens in the form of SMS text if war erupts.

    Some time ago, the Russian warship seen in British waters however, still in the international area. It made their navy helm and followed him.

    If World War III happened in the territory of other countries, the UK is estimated will not be silent.

    7. Israel

    Israel is already considered 'contestants' future World War III players after a nuclear weapons test in Syria in 2007.

    The country was likely to join with the US to take over Iran. 'War' Israel-Palestine is likely to end up with the occupation of Palestinian territories.

    8. Pakistan

    The country has declared 'frosty relationship' with the neighbors. Touted Pakistan a 'paradise' for ISIS and other terrorist groups. So, no surprise when they took part in World War III if later broke.

    Since it is considered so shelter terrorists, Pakistan would be the countries most blamed and most have a negative impact if World War III erupts.

    9. Afghanistan

    Countries with a controversial oil pipeline that took place in 1984, in which the project pipeline to transfer oil reserves from Afghanistan to other parts of the Middle East such as Abu Dhabi and Turkmenistan have caused a huge uproar in between them and the United States.

    It makes Taliban infiltrated to make a devastated Afghanistan.

    Moreover, Afghanistan is expected to monopolize the opium trade in all Asian countries due to large reserves of opium. Actions' becomes a major role when World War III erupts.

    However, because of the strength of their army is weak, Afghanistan can be easily destroyed if World War III is really happening.

    10. China

    There is a possibility China will join with Russia to deploy troops to Syria. Bamboo Curtain country is also no possibility of claiming territory in Arunachal Pradesh Inda World War III is currently underway.

    One of China's largest trading partner is the US, since the war began that relationship on hold.

    China is highly dependent on maritime foreign trade and disruption due to war would cut off most trade. It will cause an oil crisis inhibits 90% of total oil imports. China's long coastline makes it vulnerable to invasion from the sea in case of war.

    11. Russia

    Russia is one of the countries mentioned can trigger World War III at this time. Tensions with Ukraine, Turkey and intervention in the civil war in Syria makes the inevitable involvement.

    NATO and Russia's increasing conflict could trigger a world war. Russia with one of the largest warehouse of nuclear warheads may cause kiebinasaan which is much more powerful than in the past.

    The countries bordering Russia would be exposed to radioactive radiation is dangerous. The Russian economy will suffer a major setback because it depends on the export of oil and gas.

    12. Syria

    Syrian Civil War lasted for about four years until today between the Government and the opposition. More than 2.5 million people were killed.

    Syria conflict involving the major countries and ISIS have caused destruction and its inhabitants became refugees.

    The situation in Syria is already looking like World War III, but if it continues, Syria will be taken ISIS.

    13 North Korea

    Under Kim Jong-un, North Korea seems to be very strong. And the country has been anticipating the occurrence of World War III. They are sure to win.

    It is because North Korea has a large army and nuclear weapons. So, if World War III takes place, the North would dominate the South and there is a possibility of joining with Russia destroy his enemies.

    14. United States

    The United States has the largest economy in the world and thus obviously, will be the biggest victims of the war.

    Countries such as Russia, Iran and North Korea are already targeting the US if World War III happened.

    World War III will generate large-scale opportunity to launch an attack (such as the plan to use the Mother of All Bombs),

    Not only US military base was attacked, but also on the economic base.

    This can lead to greater inflation in this country, and if the government then was not efficient enough, it will also result in huge economic drainage. As Donald Trump recently claimed, World War III could make the US position as a backward country.

    How about Indonesia?

    With the feud in the South China Sea, China easily took over. The war will be inevitable in the region.

    Of struggles and wars going on in the region, there is likely to have an impact.

    The presence of a local terrorist groups in the country triggered horizontal conflict during World War III in progress.

    Hopefully, this prediction did not happen.


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