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    5 Causes of the rich getting richer and the poor get-destitute

    Sunday, October 23, 2016, October 23, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-10-24T06:26:15Z

    1. The rich man had a vision, poor people have no control

    Mentality ready to make someone rich know what kind of life they want to wake up. They did not hesitate to form an idea of ​​a dream life with a clear head. Crystal-clear vision this could be an encouragement when difficulties over.

    This kind of mentality is not owned by the poor. The poor remain poor because they are not able to control the wheels of their lives. Lack of clarity of vision and a sense of control over life has not made poor people do not know what they should do.

    Supposing, clear vision is a map that can bring the rich to the destination without any lost. While the poor would only be satisfied with reading the wind direction.

    2. The rich man had a big dream, a big poor people speak

    The rich man had the courage to always dream big. Sometimes dreams they look unreasonable and impossible to achieve. Only the person who prepared the rich who dared to say aloud.

    While poor people have a tendency to laugh at such big dreams. Not infrequently they issued dismissive words that make the rich people who prepared it cornered. It was only when the rich proven to achieve his dream, the poor people will shut up.

    3. The rich man thinks to win, poor people are afraid to lose

    Each faced with competition, the rich will racked his brain to win. Competition is seen as a natural thing, winning and losing is a matter that must be faced.

    While the poor would always think to protect what they already have. They are reluctant to gamble the fate, entered into the competition to have greater achievement. People with poor mental will feel satisfied with what he already has, although the number is still nothing.

    Most poor people so poor forever because they do not want to try to sacrifice what they already have for the sake of greater achievement.

    4. The rich see opportunities, poor people see obstacles

    Wealthy people will focus on looking at opportunities. They will do everything to achieve the ultimate goal, which is success. All the problems that arise throughout the business success will be facing and trying to be solved one by one.

    Conversely, people who mentality's poor will only be fixated on obstacles. A little complaining, a little afraid to fail. Finally, people with this kind of mentality will get caught up in their own fears.

    illustration of the rich. shutterstock
    5. The rich and the poor is distinguished from commitment

    The basic thing that could cause a difference in a person's destiny is consistency to uphold the commitment. Wealthy people will set goals, work hard, and show a strong commitment in order not to stop trying before things you want to achieve in the hands.

    Poor people also have a dream, but they do not dare to set a vision and clear objectives to be achieved. As a result, when there is a small obstacle in front of the eyes, the poor tend to be a quitter. While busy dreaming of the poor, the rich man is busy reinforcing the commitment to not give up halfway.



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