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    5 creative ideas for a minimalist design bookcase

    Wednesday, October 12, 2016, October 12, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-10-14T09:03:39Z
    5 creative ideas to design a minimalist bookcase. © Shutterstock
    For book lovers, have a bookshelf in the house was like to be a mandatory thing. Not the usual origin bookshelf, gives a touch different design can further enhance the home corner. Some of these creative ideas can be tried.

    Bookshelf shape tree branch
    (C) lovethispic
    For those of you who love tropical minimalist concept, bookshelf shaped tree branch could be an option. Bookshelf shaped tree limb could be put in position against the wall. Select a brown color, so that more resembles a tree branch.

    Take advantage of the empty space under the stairs

    (C) contemporist.com
    Bookshelves should not be put in a certain corner of the room anyway. If you have an empty space under the stairs, can be used as a shelf. Select A bookcase with order to keep the shape of stairs. For the selection of colors, can be adjusted with the interior room of the house.

    Oval with a hole in the middle

    (C) reshdesignpedia
    Bookshelf turned out to be 'the den' as well you know. Design bookcase oval with a hole in the middle. The result resembles the number 0 is placed horizontally. Place a mat to sit soft material, so that the event could be more comfortable reading books. In the not perforated, can be barriers to a book.

    Take advantage of the former ladder

    (C) dekoruma
    If you have stairs former is still good, do not immediately discarded. Polishing again with attractive colors and then use the paint into a bookshelf. Place the ladder horizontally and attached to the wall. Make sure if the position has not changed, it can be pasted on walls and floors to be getting stronger. Take advantage of the stairs as the bulkhead book.

    Shelves float
    (C) rukle.com
    For those of you who do not have enough space at home. Bookshelf drift can be a solution. This floating shelf at a time can be a captivating wall hangings know. Already many floating shelves are sold online complete with the installation is also easy.

    Minimalist design bookcase where is the choice? Before buying, make sure you take into account of the material, size and suitability of the rack with the design of the room. Choose a durable and quality materials such as wood, MDF, plywood or blackboard. Congratulations to design bookcase dreams!


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