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    7 Exodus Google is considered a failed product!

    Thursday, October 6, 2016, October 06, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-10-07T02:27:36Z
    Google failed product. © 2016 Merdeka
    Since Google was founded in 1998, Google has contributed a lot to the world of technology. Either become of us if in the internet age we do not recognize Google as a search engine famous.

    Along the way, Google not only be a search engine alone. Often, Google released a product to simplify the lives of our users. Many were successful, as Chromecast and Chromebooks. But if it is mentioned, that failed was too much.

    By making itself as a manufacturer of hardware with the release of Pixel smartphones and various other devices, we hope Google is no longer producing a variety of devices or social networks that are considered 'products fail' again. Here are seven of them.

    Google TV
    1. Google TV

    Google try their luck in the intelligent home device industry by creating a Smart TV. Cooperating with Intel, Sony, and Logitech, October 2010 was a moment in which the first generation of Google TV was born. In the next generation, Google cooperates with LG, Samsung and Vizio. Even Google released the Asus Cube as the new generation. But apparently even the names are not reached the ears of society.

    Google TV rather than fail because of bad, but far better competitors. Apple TV, Roku, and Xbox 360 is a device that is sought. Finally, in 2014 Google TV stopped being produced.

    Google Glass
    2. Google Glass

    Spreads advanced or wearable accessories industry, Google seems less fortunate. With a futuristic design like a science fiction movie, of course this is a form that will be difficult to be accepted by society.

    Nevertheless, technology lovers quite enamored with his ability. But over time, there are only complaints come from users. most complaints are eye strain because of trying to see through the prism of Google Glass.

    Since its release, the actual Google Glass does not have competitors. But now Snapchat issued Spectacles, sophisticated glasses that can record video and would be more in demand among young people.

    Project ARA
     3. Project ARA

    Google, was ambitious with the release of a large project ideas modular concept smartphone that can be upgraded by section. The idea is called the Ara Project, really regarded as an attractive idea by the public so become a big issue and hailed.

    However, this project ultimately failed because a smartphone is made up of various parts apparently too difficult to be realized, especially for widespread public consumption.

    Ara Project gives hope that someone can upgrade yourself which part of the smartphone that is necessary for increased quality, rather than buying a new smartphone every one or two years. But if we reflect more deeply, actually not as simple as replacing the smartphone upgrade parts. Because for example if we upgrade to a higher quality camera, we should also have to upgrade the RAM to sustain the strength of smartphone cameras, and better screen also to ensure that our new camera looks are better quality.

    4. Google+

    Want to dominate in the arena of social media, Google+ soundless. Everyone who has a Google account does have Google+, but they do not use them.

    The concept of 'circles' that carried was not in accordance with the wishes of the community in bersosial media, which want to divide content to more people. That's why Facebook and Twitter remained until today.

    Various social networking similar which Google released Google Buzz, among others, which lasted from 2010 and 2011, Google Friend Connect living from 2008 to 2012, and Hangout which still alive but with segmented users.

    Google Wave
    5. Google Wave

    Many do not know if a social network called Google Wave. Google is a breakthrough for users to communicate with a variety of media platforms, but in real time. Predicted as 'email today,' high enthusiasm of people is not commensurate with the workings of Google Wave that not many people fit.

    After it was announced at the Google I / O in 2009, in 2012 Google Wave servers officially closed.

    Smartphone Nexus
    6. Smartphone Nexus

    Google's ambitions to rival Apple with its flagship product the iPhone, starting in 2010 with the release of the Nexus One. Yep, for 5 years released about eight Nexus smartphone, sales were arguably far from satisfactory. Although the actual performance, Nexus is one of the best.

    Finally, Pixel has released a few days ago and Google's ambitions to rival Apple may be accomplished after Google has become a hardware manufacturer.

    Android @ Home
    7. Android @ Home

    In 2011, Google tried their luck broader smart home technology, to develop Android @ Home. The concept is that the user can control various things at home, such as the death flame lights and other elektroni, only through the Android smartphone.

    Yet little-known, Nest Labs and Apple Home first so the people's choice. However, Nest Labs is a subsidiary Alphabet which is also the parent company Google.


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