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    7 Simple Things It Can Make You Smart, No Need Hard Effort

    Wednesday, October 5, 2016, October 05, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-10-06T04:27:46Z

    For those of us blessed with a healthy physical, no intelligence of its destiny. Intelligent or not, depending on the seriousness of your brain that you have take advantage of. Intelligence is not always associated with the values ​​that you get on the bench formal education. Intelligence is closer to how you perform problem solving in everyday life, and it can be trained on an ongoing basis.

    Not even taking high school, or the course of various skills to improve intelligence. Many everyday activities as will be discussed this time Hipwee that if you live and elaborated, can increase your intelligence without having to spend a lot of cost. Well, now how to collect intentions alone.

    1. Ensure the brain hydrated is important for intelligence. Drinking water after waking up can help you think more clearly

    Drink water when you wake up via www.huffingtonpost.ca

    In Japan, drinking two glasses of water after waking up is already a mandatory ritual. Besides believed to prevent many horrible diseases in the world, can also restore your concentration for that 'life has not gathered all'. After sleeping for hours, your body naturally dehydrated. Therefore, drink water after waking up going 'irrigate' back bodies of water shortage. Because our brain is 75% water, adequate water intake will be to optimize the performance of the brain. Thus, your life can quickly gather all.

    2. Listen to the audiobook, podcast, or simply read educative articles while riding public transportation or train will add to your knowledge. Rather than merely filmed along the way

    listen to audiobooks via www.kaplaninternational.com
    The journey to the office or campus often unpleasant. Especially if you live in a big city, with a super level of congestion and public transport services are less okay. For example, when you sit in a chair Kopaja, or stand jostling in KRL. Rather than spend half an hour or an hour of your time to stare or even sleep, use to learn.

    Use your smartphone to the maximum. To listen to audiobook (when reading a conventional book feels less possible), listen to new knowledge in Podcasts, or read educative articles you can easily find in the Twitter timeline. Your time can be quite useful, rather than just scrolling social media and (again) upset because former lover stuff :))

    3. Familiarize yourself to a nap though only 20 minutes has been proven useful to increase productivity. Although for a while, your brain also needs to be rested

    nap 10 minutes via odditymall.com

    The habit of napping synonymous with laziness. Though nap proven to increase intelligence. Take a short pause to rest the brain before resuming work will improve your memory. A study says that people who napped for 100 minutes to have a higher value than the other in a test of memory.

    Just like when you put on the computer, refresh or restart briefly after many hours you use will make your computer work faster. Nap will make your brain more fresh and ready to work again. To you who work, can take advantage of the break to take a nap for 10-20 minutes is enough to restore your stamina.

    4. On the sidelines of the hobby to watch Korean dramas, a time to play games puzzle every day. In order for exercise your brain and used to find solutions
    Play the game briefly via www.digitaltrends.com
    Not a secret anymore if he hobby of playing games have higher intelligence than those who do not. Their origins, as in playing games that are challenging or giving brain puzzle, brain will be forced to work to solve the problem. From there, you'll get used to find the most effective solution to solve the problem.

    In short, you are forced to think and play creativity. Therefore, it helps you take the time to play games on the sidelines of the marathon watching Korean dramas, or simply relaxing watching Turkish television drama. Half an hour to an hour suffice, provided you actually choose the games that stimulate the intellect to train logic and memory.

    5. Did you know that the blood sugar levels that are too high can make trouble concentrating? Reduce sugar intake during the day ya!

    Eat less sweet via www.eatthis.com
    "Hungry so fierce, satiety so stupid."

    The article you'll often find in public transportation-public transportation or kopaja capital city. The second sentence 'full idiot' might have a point. Dingle not literally, but after lunch we usually run slower brain accompanied by signs of drowsiness incredible rate. Especially if your lunch consists of rice plus two servings of snack-sweet snack.

    Sugar can block the brain's performance. Because blood sugar levels can hinder the relationship between brain cells, so that communication is less smooth. As a result, you become distracted, and easy to forget about the important information you are supposed to remember every day.

    6. Do not be reluctant to interact with people who are smarter than you. Often argue in a healthy way will make you accustomed to think critically

    pasted people smarter via www.tumblr.com
    Some of us feel reluctant to interact with people who are smarter than us. May feel insecure, may also not fit in the view. We also tend to avoid the usual contradictory opinions with us. Perhaps because we are lazy argument. Unfortunately, discuss and argue with people who are smarter or who always contradicted by us could make you smarter.

    Being with people who are smarter, besides getting a new insight, you will force yourself to keep pace. Shame not when you constantly look stupid in front of him? While the people who are always conflicting opinions, your brain will continue to be forced to look for logical thinking and the right arguments to defend your opinion. Being around people like them, would not want to make your brain is always working and working.

    7. If you already have a lot of money, often visiting new places. Your intelligence will also increase along with the ability your adaptation.

    Traveling via nativeyewear.tumblr.com
    Traveling is not just you come to a place, a look-see sights, try the typical cuisine, and to the center of souvenirs to buy souvenirs. Traveling includes an attempt to understand new things. Being in a strange place with strangers is not easy for most people. You are required to adapt quickly, and perhaps understand the things that you have never met before.

    Understand the language, customs, and little things about a foreign place that not only give new knowledge, but also improve your social intelligence. Adapting is not easy. You are required to be put away, and it requires skill and intelligence are not kidding.

    Easy is not it? Except for number 7, do not need to spend millions to improve intelligence. You just have to get used to a healthy life, and often exercise the brain. But of course it takes willpower and discipline. So whether you are already drinking water yet today?



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