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    7 unique strength of an animal that is not learned at school!

    Sunday, October 9, 2016, October 09, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-10-10T02:47:24Z
    Unique animal that is not learned in school. © 2016 Merdeka
    From the many lessons about animals in schools, often we only learn about what's in the book. But if we consider many of the scientific impressions on television, on the internet and also a variety of new scientific discoveries in various journals, something that is in the book turned out to be only a piece of everything that exists.

    If you are a lover of science, of course you believe that a lot of animals that have the unique ability of behaving. But if you do not put a lot of attention in the biological world, of course you'd be surprised how memory skills, physical abilities, and even the ability to live a long life of the world animal is quite unique.

    Here are some of the animals that have unique strengths, but never learned in school. Here's the description.

    Unique animal that is not learned in school.
    1. Fish can recognize human faces

    Never do evil to fish, because he may save your face in its memory and will revenge. Yep, the first time in many scientific discoveries, it turns out the fish is able to recognize human faces.

    Not all fish can afford, but one species of freshwater archerfish named, with the scientific name Toxotes chatareus and better known as the archer fish in Indonesia, is able to recognize human faces. Only by being given in exchange for food, these fish can be taught to 'spraying' picture of a person with the water coming out of his mouth.

    In some trials, these fish are able to spray makeup properly as much as 86 percent. In this case various scientific studies that say that the fish just 3 second memory recall would have no effect. Moreover, the archer fish have been studied that he was able to remember up to 44 human faces.

    Unique animal that is not learned in school.
    2. Insects that can 'photography'
    Photography is a hobby that is promising for some people. But if it is done by insects, of course it's an interesting ability.

    Dung beetle or beetle feces, are insects that love to dance on his stool ball. Scientists believe that the beetle 'mentally' photographing circumstances in the sky. According to scientists, it is intended that the beetles can determine its position and save the state around geographically in the brain memory. This memory is in the form of location of the sun, moon, and stars.

    It was also one way of traveling is done by insects. It's been a long time that insects, including beetles, using the light from the Milky Way to determine the direction.

    Unique animal that is not learned in school.
    3. A group of ants could make a raft to save themselves

    Perhaps it is common knowledge if ants can survive on the surface of the water with a float. But a bunch of ants were able to make a raft of collection of their own bodies when they are in disasters.

    If there is a flood, the ants do not swim alone and save the lives of each one, but it attaches itself to the mouth, legs, and arms that are able glue. It was adapted in the superhero movie "Ant-Man" and the concept is clearly visible there.

    In some species of ants have a queen, even they will ensure the safety of the queen with a formation that is always the same every time.

    The concept was very intelligent, which each form a raft, the ants form the third layer, in which a layer of eggs and pupae that had to be rescued is placed in the middle of the layer. After that, some of the workers will strengthen the line-up from the bottom and sides.

    Unique animal that is not learned in school.
    4. Sharks 'glow in the dark'

    Terrible shark recently discovered in the waters of the Pacific Ocean in Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica. Black and stayed at a depth of 1.6 kilometers below sea level, these sharks can be lit in the darkness.

    From the physical black, hiding their versatility, as well as the ability to light up in the dark, a scientist dubbed as 'Ninja Lanternshark.' These sharks are added to the list of fish that can be lit in the sea, including 40 species lantenshark that illuminates the deep sea.

    Organs are so light on a variety of deep-sea fish, photophores, usually owned by a shark in the lower part of his body. So the sharks will have a burning stomach. But unlike the ninja shark, shark This actually has photophores in the head.

    Unique animal that is not learned in school.
    5. The fish were able to climb walls

    There is a species of cave fish that can walk with her hip. It is quite unique in the world of fish. Out of the water just a strange thing in the world is not a fish, especially climbing.

    A fish cave which has the scientific name called Cryptotora thamicola This is a fish that has no eyes, but can travel well. With the movement a little stiff, he was able to climb in a small waterfall or even a cave wall. The requirement is simply no running water there.

    This fish uses her hips, and the equivalent value of the exact distance. Unlike many fish runs like MUDSKIPPER fish, Mudskipper fish, or walking catfish catfish running using the tail and fins to bergeak, these fish did not squirm. He actually walked like using foot.

    In fact, according to scientists hip bones of these fish have in common with animals that walked on four legs.

    Scientists also explained that this fish is an explanation of the ancient scientific theory which states that all life begins from 4 feet, and will evolve according their respective environments.

    Unique animal that is not learned in school.
    6. Animals of water that can 'rip off his own mouth

    Unimaginable if any aquatic animals in terrible shape and could easily make a part of his body into the mouth. These animals are there, but they are not that big and does not make as dreadful as that.

    However, animals do not foul-called scientific Hydra vulgaris and measuring only 1.3 centimeters, can be led to the mouth of the body at once some barbed tentacles that can be used to immobilize prey.

    If there is a small aquatic animals that look like prey, Hydra will rip his head, eating prey, after injuries from the tear will be closed again without trace which showed no trace of tear there. According iluwan, Hydra has the ability to re-arrange their own cells without pain.

    Unique animal that is not learned in school.
    7. Animals that live 'forever'

    Again Hydra, the animal appears to be able to live forever. The key is to regenerate the body with stem cells. The cells are able to divide and instantly becomes part of the body that hydra need. This course is perfect for the renewal of the body and heal any wounds.

    It wants to be broken by a biologist named Daniel Martinez, who tested a 2300 hydra by providing all their needs in terms of food. This is done so that all his needs are met hydra and figures fertility gradually decreases and death rate so high.

    But after eight years in one year, an average of one every 167 hydra hydra tail off. Of the remaining, 80 percent of nothing is decreased fertility. Death was caused because he was eaten by predators and environmental factors. It is even more firmly proved that hydra can not ripen, and be able to live forever when they're in the right neighborhood.


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