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    8 Beautiful Teacher, makes Men want to Return to School

    Tuesday, October 25, 2016, October 25, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-10-26T04:16:16Z
    Teachers are beautiful and sexy. © 2016 Merdeka
    Last September, Sichuan Normal University upload a photo 16 female teachers in universities to social networking. The lecturer is nicknamed 'goddess' because it has the beauty, dignity, and intelligence equivalent.

    The lecturers have been beautiful as a representative of young generation educators. Interest universities in Chengdu was to change the stereotype of the educators inherent in the mind of the public. They want to show that a woman teacher who is successful in educating students do not have an old, dull look, and cruel. As with teachers from around the world section below.

    Stephanie Cruz
    1. Stephanie Cruz - Philippines
    This beautiful woman may look more suited to be a beauty pageant contestant or a movie star. But behind the pretty face hidden brilliant brain. Stephanie Cruz is a professor at the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines. The courses he teaches is tourism.

    Women's full name Regina Stephanie Cruz holds a master's degree. Uniquely, the professor pretty often mistaken for a student. So no little protege approach.

    Stephanie is touted as one of the prettiest in the Philippines Satui lecturer. Not only charming in appearance, these women also often look fashionable while on campus where she teaches.

    Sylvia Zubeva.
    2. Sylvia Zubeva - Bulgaria
    If this one is a teacher at an elementary school. Overweight women sexy and sensual flawless attracts netizens Bulgaria thanks to a photo where she was accompanying the students on the first day of school. Once uploaded to the site 9gag entertainment, the figure was immediately became a favorite around the world.

    Reported by Standart News, this beautiful teacher named Sylvia Zubeva. In 2014 when the figure became an impromptu celebrity in cyberspace, Sylvia has been teaching for three years. That year was the first time he is believed to be responsible for the class 1.

    According to the Dian Stamatov, head of the school where she taught, Sylvia including the popular teacher. According to him, fashionable women have already had a serious girlfriend, but not married.

    Hyun Sun
    3. Hyun Sun - Vietnam
    This beautiful lecturer mother did not come from Vietnam. She comes from South Korea, the country's most beautiful women in Asia. Hyun Sun has not yet reached the age of 30 years, but he has been a lecturer at several universities. Teaching experience, among others at the University Lin Xuewei, China and Guangdong University.

    Currently, Hyun Sun is becoming a lecturer in English at a university in Vietnam. The lecturers pretty become an idol in the virtual world as well favored the so-called netizens like an angel. Hyun Sun also often show off pictures of her in her bikini on social networks.

    Sarah Jones
    4. Sarah Jones - United States
    Sarah Jones does have a charming face and body. Unfortunately, the beautiful teacher's actions did not deserve precedent.

    This former cheerleader illicit relationship with one of her students who was underage at Dixie Heights High School. Relations Sarah and Cody York, protege who was then 17 years old immediately smell the schools.

    Reported by the Daily Mail, Sarah get a firm sanctions. This beautiful teacher was asked to resign and her teaching license revoked. Then, she separated from her husband and continued his love affair with them.

    Lee Nayeong
    5. Lee Nayeong - South Korea
    The teacher faced with a cute dimple sweet nan is apparently quite multi-talented. Not only good at teaching, a woman named Lee Nayeong also diving profession had also become a model and Miss Korea contestant.

    In South Korea, known as ulzzang Nayeong. Reported by The Korea Boo, the figure has long been an idol in cyberspace, especially for facial beauty and her beauty.

    Uniquely, Nayeong teaching in special schools of men. The presence of this beautiful school teacher who most of it was Adam certainly be a refresher of its own. No wonder that students often ask to take pictures with him.

    Deng Yuanyuan
    6. Deng Yuanyuan - China
    Beautiful teacher profile is reviewed on entertainment sites and direct Rocketnews24 famous throughout the world. Netizen nicknamed this beautiful teacher as the goddess of Jianlin. Because the woman named Deng Yuanyuan does have the appearance is like a goddess in Chinese mythology.
    Yuanyuan subjects taught biology at a school in Jianlin since 2012. Yuanyuan utilize microphones as a tool for teaching, because his voice is weak. In this way, the sound can be heard up to a rear pew.

    Funnily enough, when Yuanyuan first got into school, many students who thought he was an artist. Because, Yuanyuan indeed look too pretty and fashionable to the size of a regular teacher.

    Early Fronitasari 
    7. Early Fronitasari - Indonesia
    If the Philippines had Stephanie Cruz, Indonesia has Dini Fronitasari. This beautiful woman is also touted as a lecturer gorgeous thanks to her good looks as smooth as Korean stars.

    Early on the faculty at Multimedia Nusantara University. The course he taught was not kidding. Women who take the S2 level electrical engineering at the University of Indonesia's taught courses in calculus. Based on his Linkedin information, the mother of one child taught since January 2014.

    Oksana Neveselaya
    8. Oksana Neveselaya - Belarusian
    More recently, the name Oksana Neveselaya viral in cyberspace. This woman is touted as the most beautiful math teacher in the whole world. Oksana suddenly famous after videoya while teaching uploaded to cyberspace. The teacher looks fashionable, wearing a mini dress light gray sammbil write equations on the board. His long hair like Rapunzel left to decompose.

    Neveselaya came from Minsk. This beautiful teacher does look like a Barbie with a tiny waist, full chest, and his face is almost perfect. Unfortunately, many users of social networks that had already gutted before they could get acquainted. Because, Oksana has a boyfriend.


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