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    Beware, do not open 10 types of this email!

    Thursday, October 20, 2016, October 20, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-10-20T07:17:46Z

    Illustration Computer Virus 2014 Merdeka
    In addition to passing pornographic websites or website hoax, computer viruses often lurk via email. Email widely regarded as a means of spreader hoaxes and viruses are the most powerful, because many people often open email 'mysterious' though looks are not important though.

    E-mail. © 2012 Merdeka
    Well, in order to make netizens be more aware of email scams, hoaxes, until the virus, cyber security agency SecurityMetrics reveal some kind of email that said to be dangerous and should not have opened.

    1. Sent from government intelligence agencies

    Where previously you never have to deal with government agencies but suddenly got an email from the Commission, the Police or the Attorney, most likely a fake e-mails earlier. Many have also got this email from the FBI, CIA, and other intelligence agencies.

    The reason is obvious, for the society is, the email is certainly not a way to contact the person who first selected.

    2. Email old friend

    Many fraudsters or hackers who send email messages as if they were well acquainted with you. In fact they just want to earn money by claiming to be a friend.

    3. Email bill payment

    Email is usually in the form of a bill for payment of certain goods or services. Before you reply to an email, you should find the phone number of the company Call Center and ask whether you really have the bill.

    4. Email account expiration

    Do not reply or click on a link sent in an email that states if your account has expired and must be updated. This email often contain viruses that can steal your important data.

    5. News infected with virus

    Never received the email to update you if your computer or your smartphone terkan virus? You can be sure if the email was Abal Abal. From the email menggubris earlier, the better you are running an antivirus program to check the condition of your smartphone or computer.

    6. Email prizes

    Often can email notifying you win a contest, sweepstakes, or contest that you do not ever list? Obviously it was a fraudulent email.

    7. Email announcement of bank

    If there is an email from the bank stating that there is a new deposit and ask for your confirmation, you better contact the call center of the bank. Because there is a big possibility that the email is false and dangerous.

    8. Email accusation

    Do not trigger shocked and worried when email arrives claiming that you have done something illegal or injure someone. Emails like this just want to make a profit compensation money alone.

    9. E-mail from the IRS

    Many fake emails disguised as emails tax arrears. When you get an email like this, first check the sender appliance and contact the nearest tax office directly for confirmation.

    10. A confirmation email security

    Types of malicious emails last form of emails from companies that want you to enter important data for account verification purposes. Models such as the email is aimed to obtain information necessary for further hacking or fraud.


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