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Facebook Creating Artistic Filter like Prisma

In the near future, and video image processing applications Prisma probably will be the arrival opponent. Because Facebook is called working on competitors.

This information is conveyed by Chief Product Officer Facebook Chris Cox. He even demonstrated the application, which can add a filter in a video. But there is what distinguishes the capabilities offered Prisma.

Applications Prisma (Photo: detikINET / Fida Adi Rahman)
As is known, the video filter can be immersed in Prisma only users to video offline. Facebook certainly be different, because the filter will be directly embedded video when the user is conducting a live video.

So you could say video filter applications that are being worked up an add-on to the Facebook service itself. And that makes interesting is, users do not have to wait a while to see the results of the addition of the filter in the video. Using an application called by Cox as 'styler transfer' the user can instantly see the results in real time.

Even so, as quoted from The Next Web, Thursday (10/27/2016), Cox stressed that the application 'styler transfer' so far is still a prototype. So that he could not promise when this feature will be present on Facebook. But at least the artistic style video Prisma is already in the plan up to the front.

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