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    Go to Home from the Space Exploration, astronauts could Natural Chronic Dementia

    Sunday, October 16, 2016, October 16, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-10-17T01:26:40Z
    Space is still a mystery to be solved many scientists. But the journey to uncover the mystery could also risks. One of them is brain damage.

    Here are found the research team from the University of California, Irvine. Although the new limited experiments on mice, the researchers believe that exposure to large amounts of energy particles, such as those found in space, can have an impact on brain astronauts or space explorers.

    The conclusion was obtained after investigators illuminate some mice with radiation particles at NASA's Space Radiation Laboratory in News York. Next, the rats were transferred to the lab-owned property of the UCI.

    From time to time, the research team found significant brain inflammation in the brains of mice, even up to six months after exposure. Damage is exactly as seen in the human brain for dementia and other cognitive impairments.

    "Outer space could provide a unique hazard for astronauts, and even exposure to these particles can trigger a variety of central nervous system complications that can occur when the trip is done or shortly thereafter," said the researcher, Charles Limoli as reported by CBS News.

    Complications question of which memory loss, anxiety or anxiety disorders, depression and disruption of the decision making process. "And many of these consequences that would last a lifetime astronaut," he added.

    These findings are also in line with the observation of the effects of radiation treatment on the brain of patients with cancer. Limoli said cognitive dysfunction similar to their brains, especially if high doses of radiation.

    Looking ahead Limoli hope no drug that can protect space travelers from the radiation inevitably, because radiation is still able to 'penetrate' air space explorers.

    In a previous study also concluded, astronauts assigned away from Earth orbit are more likely to have heart problems than an astronaut whose mission not far away from the Earth.

    Approximately the same cause, exposure to cosmic rays coming from outside the numbers potentially damaging body tissue when irradiated or exposed to direct. Moreover, when an astronaut is assigned away from Earth orbit, they no longer receive protection from the atmosphere, making it more vulnerable to exposure to high levels of radiation.


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