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    Google remove debt of IDR 1.4 billion boy of 12 years old from Spain

    Saturday, October 8, 2016, October 08, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-10-08T08:59:45Z
    Illustration Google. © 2015 Merdeka
    August 2016 last month, José Javier Group intends to popularize music through Google's advertising platform. Unfortunately, an incident that led to major consequences.

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    Instead of the famous musical group in cyberspace, Javier precisely arrears advertising costs up to USD 112.00, or about IDR 1.4 billion! The high cost of advertising is accumulated after Javier misunderstood method of advertising on AdWords, Google's advertising platform.

    Javier thought that if his band will receive money when people click on a link that directs to a homemade website. However, AdWords work otherwise. Yes, Javier will be charged for advertising when the site netizens clicking the links earlier.

    Inevitably, in a short time Javier recorded an exorbitant arrears. Therefore, since the beginning of opening your AdWords account, Javier had to enter data bank account owned by his father.

    Realizing there was something strange in your AdWords account Javier, Google realized when the boy had made a mistake. Therefore, Google decided not to charge IDR 1.4 billion earlier.

    Quesasa Inma, Javier's mother said when her son said he wanted to buy musical instruments for the band, not login to AdWords. But she was so shocked when he gets a letter from the bank about the arrears.


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