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Held in Toilet, Kim Kardashian Cry for Life For the Kids

Kim Kardashian was locked in the toilet when in Paris. (REUTERS / Kevork Djansezian)
After going through stressful periods of the robbers into custody in Paris, a TV star Kim Kardashian is back to America to meet with her husband and family.

Citing Contact Music, for nearly 12 hours, the wife of Kanye West flew by private jet from Paris to Teterboro Airport, New Jersey USA, after the robbery of his jewelry worth millions of dollars.

Based on reports received E! Online, Kim was arrested by masked and armed men at three o'clock in the morning local time, in the West's apartment in Paris.

Luckily, both her baby and the North West (3 years) and Saint (9 months) were not with him at the time. When locked up, he begged to be excused for the sake of her children.

"He asked [the robbers] for keeping him alive and said that she had a baby in the house. At that time Kim believe the robber was about to kill himself," said a source who also said that Kim was tied to a chair, when the robbers took items preciousness.

French Interior Ministry said five people have infiltrated and hold up the guards with guns apartment. The doorman was handcuffed and forced to open the apartment where Kim stayed.

Two of the robbers managed to get into the room and locked Kim in the toilet. In addition to jewelry, the robbers also took his two mobile phones.

According to a statement received by CNN, after the incident Kardashian condition very shaken even when no physical injuries on her. He was immediately brought back to the United States.

Once there, Kim immediately met with her mother Kris Jenner and the number of security guards at the airport. Afterwards, he was immediately taken to his apartment which is located in New York City to meet with Kanye.

When the incident happened on Saturday (1/10) night Kanye was performing in the show Meadows Art & Music Festival. When receiving the news, he immediately stopped the concert and asked for leave on the grounds there is an emergency in the family.

"I apologize, my family in an emergency. I had to stop this concert," he said by video spread across social media. Now, authorities in France are still hunting down the perpetrators.

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