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    Indonesia and 17 countries rejected the manuscript the recognition of LGBT rights in the United Nations

    Wednesday, October 12, 2016, October 12, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-10-13T04:16:17Z
    LGBT activists in Monas action title. © 2015 merdeka
    The group of 17 countries rejected the manuscript the action plan of the United Nations (UN) recognition of the rights group containing gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT). Indonesia is among countries that reject it. This text was originally prepared related to the urban development strategy in the future in accordance with the UN's vision.

    The draft text originally proposed by Canada, Mexico, the United States and the European Union. Suppose approved the majority of countries, the recognition of LGBT rights in cities around the world can be approved when the UN Conference in Ecuador middle of this month.

    The Reuters news agency reported on Thursday (13/10), the countries with conservative political schools immediately close ranks, including Indonesia. "The campaign to reject that sentence recognition of the basic rights of LGBT was done behind the scenes by the Belarusian diplomat," said a source directly involved in the discussion of the urban development agenda.

    Indonesia joined Russia, Qatar, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Pakistan, to the United Arab Emirates, demanding the term LGBT removed. Furthermore, 17 countries held out an alternative sentence, "urban development shall be friendly to the family."

    Resistance to the action plan of gay and lesbian friendly has been started since the conference about the city in Surabaya, East Java, last July. Indonesian government representatives in front of hundreds of delegates around the world, said there was no room for LGBT formal legally recognized by the state. Similar attitudes taken by other Southeast Asian countries. That triggered attitude Indonesia, Belarus and then actively mobilize support, especially cooperating with Russia, to replace the word 'LGBT' with 'family'.

    Resistance 17 country is regrettable by Josh Bueckert, a spokesman for the Canadian government. The manuscript of the UN action plan on urban was one of the real effort it uplift citizens of same-sex enthusiasts who have been marginalized, politically, economically, and socially. "Unfortunately, once again the position of the LGBT community being marginalized," he said.

    In the action plan drafts, LGBT is only one of several types of minority groups can be protected UN expected the respective governments when developing urban areas. Among them were women, the disabled, indigenous people, the homeless, to the asylum seekers. For other groups, Indonesia and 17 other countries are not concerned.

    LGBT-related issues are still very sensitive to be discussed at the UN. A total of 76 countries recorded a formal law that criminalize same-sex relationships. While seven countries impose the death penalty for people who proved to members of the LGBT community.


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