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    Miners find the most expensive gemstone world, worth IDR 2.2 T

    Sunday, October 16, 2016, October 16, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-10-17T02:11:53Z
    the most expensive gemstone in the world is found in Myanmar. © SWNS
    Some miners in Myanmar find the most expensive gemstone in the world worth IDR 2.2 trillion, three days ago.

    They found that the giant rock in the Kachin State. When digging they found the stone weighing 175 tons with a height of 2.7 meters, 5.4 meters long and 5.4 meters wide, as reported by the Daily Mail newspaper on Saturday (15/10).

    Precious stone giant that will be green if it has been cleaned. With a weight of 175 tonnes in Myanmar gems found this to be the second hardest after gemstones in the Palace of Buddha in China which weighs 260 tons.

    "We consider this finding as winning the lottery. But it does belong to the state, as a tribute to our leaders," says a miner named Sao Min, 44 years old.

    A politician named U Soe Tint posing in front of the rock and said the equivalent size of two small houses each 2.7 square meters.

    "I consider this as a gift to our people, the government and the party. It's a good sign for us," he said.

    Myanmar gems listed as manufacturer in the world with the industry value of USD 50 billion every year.

    The market price of precious stones about IDR 13 million per kilogram. The price could be more expensive to about IDR 18 million per kilogram.

    Price stones polished and shaped can even reach 20 times more expensive than before.


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