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    Not Just Seating bench. This 15 Bench in Most Creative Public Spaces in the World!

    Friday, September 30, 2016, September 30, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-10-01T02:57:52Z

    The public spaces in contemporary taste have become human needs, especially for young people. Try it you look, each time walking in a city park or other public buildings kinds of stations, for example, a bench or chair is furniture that is definitely you find. Bench be as mandatory, in order to facilitate pedestrians who feel tired and want to rest. But, during this time you never saw bench design in public spaces as creative and interesting as it is in 15 countries this? Get ready gobsmacked guys....

    1. The bench designed this carpet style in Newcastle, England. Some people might consider this to happen by chance, but it is designed to look like real

    still dare to sit here? via

    2. If it is like this on the beach, you'll be choosing to sit on the sand alone? Horrified when a sudden guys who got a hand stand

    Unique anyway, but scary. It is in Ukraine via
    3. The design will be so rich in great demand by couples who like making love ya, hehe ... But it would look too heck of a side-side. better not do that weird weird
    which is in a park Luxemburg via
    4. Lovers of books will definitely comfortable sit here, while reading a book so rich better appreciate. can while selfie?
    feel increasingly clever time sitting on the books? via
    5. Bench floating in a green garden University of Sydney, Australia. Relax, you're not going to fall and wound why if lying there
    though invisible without a buffer, this bench is strong enough anyway via
    6. You're wrong if you think this is just a mere decoration sweetener road. Not only contains the value of aesthetics, function as the seats are taken into account as well
    behold guess what this is? Yep, the buds of tulips in the Netherlands via
    7. It's still rich seat of the musicians so that could be an inspiration. Sit by leaning on the scales guys

    musical ability you could be so cross-eyed after sitting here via
    8. Eittsss, which is not just a regular park bench backrest, but the function was okay have. It could be a table also know
    you can make an office here via
    9. Not only the watchman entitled bus sitting at the bus stop this one, the article is this place even often used as background selfie photo
    This still sitting actually only fit a few people via
    10. The day the man now increasingly become more creative, many benches that already made not straight and not symmetrical again. As a bench, for example, made palatable sleep time
    made concave so the center via
    11. The artificial turf is involved in the manufacture of roof. Suitable for shelter from the heat of the sun, as well as heavy rains come you can calmed myself here
    At first glance, the house is rich Teletubbies yes via
    12. This is a portrait of a real library so appreciate his role. These Kansas City Library has a seat designed pile of several books
    did not have the heart to create his seat via
    13. Who said bench design can only be plain? Here the evidence is that the patterned design, origin neutral color can also create an atmosphere that is more remarkable
    who likes this model does usually Indians via
    14. France also has more than enough creative people. Giant hat designed as a heat shield people sitting on a bench roadside
    This does his incredible via
    15. If you sit on this bench pas night alone seemed horrified really. If you are on top of it suddenly alive and fall on you
    The original is still horrified via

    Perhaps the first lot were not too bothered the design of a chair, but now more than just thinking about the function, but also covers the art. If you say the seat is too simple if it is associated with the process of creativity, you're wrong. 15 seats at the top so the proof. Then, you wanted to sit in a chair where?



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