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» » » » » » » » » » Pixel, phone from Google that cost just as expensive as the iPhone 7

Photo: The Verge
First, line of Nexus phone from Google is known as the flagship phone at an affordable price. Because with similar specifications with other flagship phone, the Nexus priced cheaper.

But things began to change since the Nexus 6. The phone is sold at a price much more expensive than the Nexus series before, and this continued in the Nexus 6P. Fortunately, in 2015, then Google did not just release one mobile phone, Nexus 5X still being sold at relatively cheap prices.

KNI Google Nexus switch line with two brand-new phone named Pixel and Pixel XL. Its specification is high, even higher than most flagship phones on the market - because it uses a Snapdragon processor 821, as well as the ability of the camera that is claimed most bagus-- camera phones.

But it also must be redeemed at a price that is not cheap. Pixel cheapest variant (32 GB) sold at a price of USD 649 or about USD 8.4 million (USD 1 = Rp 13,000). It is the same price with an iPhone 7 cheapest variant.

Pixel, Google phone is expensive as the iPhone 7. Photo: Ars Technica
For your information, when first launched, the price of Nexus 6 is USD 649, and the year after Google released Nexus 6P at a price of USD 499.

As for Pixel with 128 GB of storage, the price reached USD 749. The numbers are higher for Pixel XL, which is USD 769 for a 32 GB version and $ 869 for the 128 GB version.
Both phones are available in three colors, with the naming of color is quite unique. Quite namely Black, Really Very Blue and Silver. Do you think the Pixel and Pixel XL eligible for sale for the price of the iPhone 7?
Pixel, Google phone is expensive as 7Pixel iPhone, Google phone is expensive as the iPhone 7

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