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    Russia ordered its citizens preparing for a nuclear war against the US

    Sunday, October 16, 2016, October 16, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-10-17T02:19:50Z
    Elementary Students in Russia took military training. © REUTERS / Eduard Korniyenko
    Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a clear enough signal to the United States and Western allies that he is ready to face the war following the increasing heat of the conflict in Syria. There is speculation says Washington is likely to launch a massive air against the Syrian government forces, the regime that has been supported by Russia.

    Tensions between Washington and Moscow these days is the most severe since the Cold War. The Russian government has announced to its citizens to follow instructions if a war really happens with Western countries.

    According to ABC News, via state media, citizens were ordered to check and find the location of the nearest shelter bunker and prepare gas masks. Authorities also prepared to tell residents what should be prepared and carried out in the event of a nuclear bomb attack.

    "If a nuclear war were to happen one day, you should know where the nearest shelter bunker," said a report from state television station, NTV. Furthermore, in the show's NTV showed a protective bunker locations in the capital city of Moscow.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin Reuters
    Even so, many analysts believe Putin will not really waging war against the US military and its allies. He just showed a serious response to speculations the US to launch air strikes against Syrian government forces, was quoted as saying Inquisitr, Sunday (16/10).

    AS previously formally accused the Russian government of being behind cyber attacks against US institutions, including the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's campaign.

    The next US intelligence officials told NBC News, the CIA was ready to launch a series of cyber attacks specifically designed to cripple Russia's ability to interfere with the results of the US presidential election next month.

    According to NBC News, CIA sources said the operation was already under way, including selecting targets and prepare the next operation.

    "We're sending a message to Putin, and we are determined when the attack will take place. The impact will be huge," said Vice President Joe Biden two days ago.

    In response to the threat that the Russian Defense Ministry threatened to shoot down behind the US fighter jets that would launch attacks against troops Bechar President al-Assad.

    Russia has already warned they had put guns S-300 air defense that has the ability to shoot down US fighter jets. Any attack on Syrian forces are attacks against Russian troops, they said.
    SA 23 Russian Gladiator | armyrecognition
    Earlier this month the Russian government also has held military exercises against attacks involving about 40 million residents. Authorities convey information about how the government will operate in a state of war and government agencies which will hold the command control.

    RIA Novosti news agency reported that Russia also held a test-launch a ballistic missile this week and fired three missiles a day. Two of the missiles that could carry a nuclear warhead launched from a submarine in the Pacific and one from a launch site on land.

    According to the analysts, the announcement of Moscow about war preparations is intentionally done to improve support to Putin in the country and send a message to the West that State Red Bear will maintain support for Bechar al-Assad's regime.

    Most of the judge, the Russian war preparations that is less than four weeks of the US presidential election is not a coincidence. Kremlin indirectly seemed to want to influence the choice of the American people against the two presidential candidates today, namely Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

    The Kremlin seems to want to say to the American people, choosing Clinton means choosing war with Russia, because it is predicted that Democrat will continue, or even reinforce the foreign policy of President Barack Obama, who strongly opposed Russia.


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