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The smallest nuclear reactor made in China. © 2016 Daily Mail
Nuclear reactors may sound harmless, but its presence can help people solve the problem of availability of electricity. And China has just led the research nuclear reactor technology to a higher level.

China reportedly is developing the world's smallest nuclear reactors in the next five years. How big? From the Daily Mail, the size of the reactor is only 6.1 meters by 2.6 meters.

As a result, the reactor is named Hedianbao container truck unloading included. Certainly a small size when compared to conventional nuclear reactor whose size can be as big as 10-storey building.

Although small, Hedianbao could generate up to 10 megawatts of energy. Energy was sufficient to provide electricity for 50,000 thousand houses!

Hedianbao will be used to provide electricity to the small islands of the South China Sea region. The location near the sea is considered easy operation for Chinese scientists could use sea water as a means of cooling the reactor.

The nuclear reactor development results of the Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology of China is also able to operate up to hundreds of years before they need a refill of nuclear fuel.

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