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    The rivers in the Magic World water Not Converge

    Wednesday, October 5, 2016, October 05, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-10-06T04:45:59Z
    Photo: Meeting of the Rhone River and the River Arve (Lets Go Travels / Facebook)

    Geneva - A river but got two colors? That's the magic of the river in Switzerland and Brazil. Although the water is still not fused together!

    The river is Subgai Rhone and Arve river. From various information collected by detikTravel, Thursday (06/10/2016), these two rivers meet in the area of ​​La Jonction, the western part Geneva, Switzerland.

    These rivers have very different characteristics. Starting from the Rhone River is colored blue while the Arve River brown milk.

    Both the color of the river can not be fused due to have different characteristics. Starting from the difference in temperature, salinity and density of the water mass.

    The second difference is the color of the river as there is a barrier (The Top Teen / Youtube)
    This is caused by differences in the origin of the river. Rhone River blue-green is derived from Lake Lehman. While derived from the Rhone River Valley Glacier Chamonix in the Alps circuit containing silt.

    Traveler who wants to see this natural phenomenon can clearly come to Cool Bridge on Chemin William-Lescaze, Geneva. This phenomenon is clearly visible from the bridge.

    The best time to see this natural wonder is in late spring or early autumn according to local time. At this time a second color of the river water will see the difference.

    Similarly, Switzerland, Brazil also has this unique phenomenon. These natural wonders in the city of Manaus, Brazil.
    The same phenomenon occurred in Brazil (Did You Know? / Youtube)
    The Rio Negro and Amazon River will meet in the city of Manaus. Both this river seemed to have the divider in the middle of the water.

    The Rio Negro is colored black has a characteristic warm and bring a marsh sediment. While cold temperature amazon river and carry the sand so brown.

    The phenomenon of two colors in one of these waters has a length of 6 km downstream. These natural wonders are known by local people with the name Encontro das Aguas means the meeting of two water.

    A traveler who are curious about this phenomenon can be visited from January to July because the water flow is in fast conditions. So the difference in the color will look very striking. Interested?
    The phenomenon that makes a curious tourists (Mikeandcharlene7's channel / Youtube)



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