This hotel has a Swimming Pool who Viral on Instagram -->
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    This hotel has a Swimming Pool who Viral on Instagram

    Tuesday, October 4, 2016, October 04, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-10-05T04:14:46Z

    Photo: Beautiful view infinity pool Hotel Villa Honegg (Hotel Villa Honegg)
    Ennetburgen - Who would have thought, the pool of a hotel in Switzerland could be viral in Instagram around Europe. What is so special?

    Not long ago in Instagram, especially in Europe got crowded posting a short video lasts 39 seconds entitled 'Stairway to heaven'. For the uninitiated, the video shows a woman walking down the stairs to an infinity pool at a hotel.

    Uniquely infinity pool is actually drove the woman to an area outside the hotel d altitude. In front of him lie the beautiful mountains and lakes glistened in the evening. It feels the beauty of it suitable according to the video title.

    I did some investigating and discovered that the atmosphere was filmed by a traveler named loucos Por Viagem at Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland, and posted on Instagram on 30 September. Launched detikTravel from the official website on Tuesday (04.10.2016) his hotel is five star and is about 30 minutes from Lucerne.
    Built in 1905, Hotel Villa Honegg has 23 rooms and is located at an elevation of 914 mdpl overlooking Lake Lucerne. In addition to an infinity pool, a traveler can also enjoy luxurious facilities such as a cinema, sauna and gym.

    In addition to a number of luxury amenities, traveler can also enjoy a variety of exciting activities. Examples such as biking, playing golf to trekking. Complete!

    If you are planning for a vacation to Switzerland, may exist between the traveler who wants to stay at the Hotel Villa Honegg. Price of stay per night was 383 pounds, or approximately IDR 6 million. Not cheap, but according to the facilities and the view were obtained.
    beautiful scenery ! (Hotel Villa Honegg)



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