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» » » » » » » Twitter Will be Kill Vine

Had happening a few years ago, the age of Vine was not how long. Because Twitter as a parent to make sure that services this short video will be turned off.

Vine first appeared in June 2012, but has not been officially released, Twitter has been acquiring in October 2012. The service was booming with the number of users that can reach 200 million.

While the viewer of its own stands at 100 million people each month. That does not include 1.5 billion videos were also uploaded per month.
Twitter Soon Kill Vine Photo: Special
But over time, the glory faded Vine instead. The latest data refer to the user Vine left only in the 10 million mark, it was not much active. So Twitter can decide the unexpected before. Yes, social media services is sure would 'kill' Vine.

But it is not immediately done, Twitter said the new Vine will be completely shut down in the next few months. There is no explanation of the exact time, but before that happens Vine services will still be used as normal.

"Nothing happened in the application (Vine), site or account Vine you today. We appreciate your work of Vine and will do this in the right way. You will still be able to access and download the Vines," said Twitter, as quoted by The Guardian, Friday (28/10/2016).

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