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» » » » » » » » » » Google to offer Google Flights Services, what is it?

Google apparently wants to provide convenience for the traveler who wants to find a plane ticket. The solution is that it provides a simple tour presenting feature called Google Flights.

Google Flights These are trivial feature to compare and book tickets easily and quickly via cell phone, tablet, or desktop. You can access it through In this feature, you'll find a snapshot of the cheapest flights available information (including pricing, transit information, and a long flight).

After selecting the date of departure and return, you will see a list of 'Best Airline' featuring the best combination of comfort and price factors. If you're not ready to book a ticket, you can choose to monitor prices to receive email notifications when prices are expected to change or when the price has changed significantly. Google Flights Services
Google Flights. © 2016 Merdeka
"Our goal is to show results quickly when you're checking out the places you want to visit, the best time to go there, then consider the option of flying there and booked his ticket. Everything you can do easily," wrote the post release received on Tuesday (08/11).

Google Flight is also not only bring domestic routes, but the routes of international air.

"We hope that you can plan your domestic or international travel next use Google Flights," he wrote.

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