His face is similar, Jack Ma will be financed school children to college

Alibaba boss Jack Ma appeared to have twins. There was a boy who was apparently similar to the richest people in China.

8 year old boy named Fan Xiaoqin became famous in social media since last year because it has a face similar to Jack Ma. However, the boy came from poor families have not heard anything about the Alibaba boss.
Wajah nya mirip, Jack Ma bakal biayai sekolah anak ini sampai kuliah updetails.com
Boy like Jack Ma. © 2016 Merdeka
Shanghaiist page reported on Monday (14/11), Jack Ma Fan is planning to send to college. He knows where the boy because of the many photos and videos uploaded of social media users in China.

Ma said, when I first saw photos Fan, he thought it was a picture of her when the kids.

"The first time I saw the boy, I guess my family upload photos childhood," said Ma.

Ma said in a written statement, he wishes to send their children to college is not just a joke only.

"This is not a joke, and it will become a reality," he cried.

China, meanwhile, grew into a richer country, there are still many gaps occur between the urban and the marginalized. From the results of polls, at least 9 million children in the Bamboo Curtain country is growing below the poverty line.

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