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    Surprisingly two-headed shark, 'mutants' mysterious sea

    Monday, November 14, 2016, November 14, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-11-15T03:48:52Z
    When we hear the word 'shark head two,' of course we assume that it is a creature that came from a horror movie. But not, as scientists find animals like the mutant in Australian waters.

    Reported by the Daily Mail, the shark was first discovered by a fisherman named Christian Johnson, who found the heads of two embryos sharks in Australian waters.

    In 2013, a group of fishermen in Florida also desperately caught a bull shark in waters off the southeastern United States. But they eventually discovered that the shark appeared to contain a two-headed baby sharks.

    So far, the blue shark is a shark species most widely produced offspring two-headed shark. This is because the blue shark alone can containing 50 baby sharks when pregnant.
    Anehnya hiu berkepala dua, 'mutan' laut yang misterius
    Two-headed shark. © 2016 Merdeka
    So far scientists have not solved the mystery of why there is a two-headed shark. Prediction initial and strongest is a genetic mutation that caused the over population of fish in the sea.

    But the mystery is finally a little enlightened thanks to Spanish researchers who accidentally discovered two-headed shark embryos, and finally examined. By opening slowly eggs to study the bizarre embryo research, led by Professor Valentin Sans-Coma, it appeared that did not produce anything. The conclusion he can only these embryos could not survive for long.

    Furthermore, the two-headed shark mystery to science and knowledge. With the number of discoveries arising sinks and awareness of the higher things, scientists are increasingly difficult to find out what triggered the birth of two-headed shark.

    The professor himself, who researched sharks in captivity which contains 800 specimens of other sharks, can only predict that the event is an infection of radiation and chemical mutation. If this happens in the wild, these mutations can be caused by infection with viral diseases and environmental pollution.

    Scientists predicted earlier, the excess fish populations in the sea is the cause of this mystery place. A large number of fish in the sea turned out to shrink the population of sharks. The occurrence of inbreeding among sharks because of the small population, making the gene pool, or the total number of genes will shrink. It is sent down the abnormal gene to a baby shark, which causes the two heads.

    However it is still not too valid as the cause. Scientists just need to find the two-headed shark that can be researched to find out why.


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