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    Yu Djum will Daytime's Buried in Hamlet Karangasem Sleman

    Monday, November 14, 2016, November 14, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-11-15T03:16:08Z
    Yu Djum or Ny Djuhariah one of the pioneers of Gudeg Yogyakarta died on Monday (14/11/2016) at 18:30 at Bethesda Hospital in Yogyakarta. Because the old hospital or stifling Sepuh.

    The body of the plan will be buried today in the cemetery Hamlet Karangasem village of Catur Tunggal, Depok, Sleman. Funeral will be held at 13:00 pm.

    "Cemeteries later at 13:00 pm at the tomb of Karangasem," said Totok one Djum Yu family relatives.

    Currently at the funeral home, many neighbors / local community as well as some community leaders who came to the funeral and condolences / condolences. Several bouquets of various community leaders, employers and government agencies who become customers installed around the funeral home.

    u Djum akan Dimakamkan Siang hari Ini di Dusun Karangasem Sleman updetails.com

    In the vicinity of the village of Karangasem, Karangwuni, Karanggayam and the surrounding area, known as a pioneer Yu Djum typical food vendors Yogya, Gudeg. Karangasem hamlet located north of the Faculty of Forestry, University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) is known as the center of gudeg. Typical food made of young jackfruit that are sold around the village of Karangasem and in the city of Yogyakarta.

    In addition to opening a business in her home, Yu Djum also sell gudeg in the south Wijilan or Plengkung Wijilan, District of Yogyakarta and Solo Jl near Yogyakarta's Adisucipto Airport.

    Region Wijilan in Yogyakarta, he was the first person to sell in that place so many call Gudeg Wijilan distinctively gudeg dry.

    Currently all gudeg stalls belonging to Yu Djum managed together family members close everything. Two stalls gudeg at Wijilan Street, District of Kraton, Yogyakarta, in the village of Karangasem and close all other branches.


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