Bored with social media? This way you may remove yourself from the internet

 Illustration of social media. © 2016
Illustration of social media. © 2016 Merdeka
Internet is one of the most essential human invention. Internet helps us to communicate with old friends and meet new friends, makes it a healthy lifestyle, makes it a variety of payments, supporting a wide range of hobbies and many other things.But with anything that is now connected to the internet, of course we will stay long enough. Many things such as information overload, images endlessly on the internet, cyber bullies and trolls, as well as discussions about religion, politics and the environment that triggers the fight, all certainly make us sick. Fortunately, we can remove ourselves from the Internet with just a few clicks.Reporting from Big Think, a Swede named website, will keep track of a variety of popular applications and services in which you have an account, and then offers you a list of where you can delete or unsubscribe.Site developed by Linus Unneback Wille Dahlbo and it asks you to login with your Google account. This site utilizes Google's OAuth protocol and do all the processing on users' computers. This site can work on various accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and many other major sites.Interested? Try

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