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Ira Koesno Selain itu, istirahat yang cukup, secara kuantitas dan kualitas.
In addition, adequate rest, in quantity and quality.

Former senior presenter, Ira Koesno, later became a byword in the virtual world, one of them because of his stay fit and youthful though nearly into the 50th.

Observers lifestyle and nutrition consultant Ongko Jansen said lifestyle and diet that plays a role in this regard (skin regeneration), instead of anti-aging products.

"People think the A use of certain drugs or surgery. Yet it is not. To get a more youthful skin, could have done with a healthy lifestyle," he said quoted by Antara on Monday (01/16/2017).

Jansen detailing that a healthy lifestyle includes three key importance that a healthy diet, regular exercise and adequate rest.

A healthy diet means eating the contents of essential nutrients the body needs can be met.

"Can somebody say a healthy diet already, but perhaps less of iron, lack of certain vitamins and minerals are actually crucial for the regeneration of the skin. That's why need to consult with your nutritionist, because the needs of different people," says Jansen.

Then, doing exercises that fit your needs. The emphasis is not on certain types of sports, but in continuity (do routine).

In addition, adequate rest, in quantity and quality. Jansen ascertain if the three key healthy lifestyle a reality, the body will be fitter and better skin regeneration.

"So people who like staying up late, working until midnight, smoking and lack of sleep often eat junk food, arguably accelerated aging," said Jansen.

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