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» » » » » » » » » » Scored a goal, not the obligation Pogba

Paul Pogba Man Utd
Paul Pogba Man Utd

London - Manchester United, Paul Pogba insists that its position is as a midfielder. To that end, scoring affair is not a core responsibilities. So that the public did not need to continue to question the contribution tally.

As is known, Pogba is a successful player transfer record as the world's most expensive player at £ 89 million. But, the public began to question the value of the acquired high prices to increase the club's achievement.

"I was a player with a position as a midfielder not have to score goals," said Pogba.

"In the game I often make a difference. But, a lot of things that can be done. Playing persist and dictate the game. It also became part of my ability," he said.

In the Premier League scene, Pogba has so far collected four goals from 20 appearances. If contributions to other United players, only Ibrahimovic is able to pass through a collection of goals that have been carved into the French player with 14 goals.

"I'd worked for the team's best result of the self-seeking. People want me to score, making the difference in the game because the price of the transfer," he said. (ESPN)

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