Casemiro in another world volley: 'I wanted to crush' for Real Madrid fans

Casemiro is best known for his defensive feats with Real Madrid but showed off his shooting boots on Wednesday. Its launching of rocket propellant for the ice of the victory 3-1 of Madrid against Napoli is a proof of it.

Take a gander in pure power:

Now that's how you win yourself the man of honors of the party in the first stage of a draw of the Champions League. In his interview after the game, the 24-year-old midfielder revealed that he wanted to uncork a missile when the opportunity presented itself.

"I'm lost for words," he said. "When I hit the ball I wanted to crush it, for the game, for the fans, for the Bernabeu. I love playing here, I can not say more than that."

It is safe to say the mission accomplished, Casemiro. Once the Brazilian took his boot through the ball there was little doubt about it. Napoli goalkeeper Pepe Reina could only look helplessly as he passed the net corner.

Casemiro is clearly passionate about playing for Merengues and does not take it lightly. To make it even more incredible, the midfielder says he has been "practicing that kind of shots a lot", through Marca. Apparently, practice is the secret to hit the ball as sweetly. Who knows?

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