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    Flooded with complaints, Twitter Not So Design Change

    Monday, February 20, 2017, February 20, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-02-21T06:52:15Z
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    Twitter changed its mind after complaints flooded and decided not to change the design.

    Twitter announced that it will no longer notify the user when another user adds them to the list of friends. It is delivered through a Twitter account Safety.

    "We want you to get notifications are important," the company said.

    The move was made on the grounds the notification list is not considered important and given that the list of the features found in all users, while this feature is hidden from the Twitter application. Although it is not hidden to most users.

    With the announcement of the changes made on account of safety, showing a change has another purpose. Previously, constantly dangerous to use Twitter account through the list of notifications to harass users.

    If you write something that supports Hillary Clinton, for example, others can add you to the list of "stupid piece of garbage", and you will receive a notification that you are on the list of stupid piece of junk that party.

    Twitter, have recently sought to reduce abuse on the platform, and now has stopped the notification list for this reason.

    And then, two hours later, they turn it back on.

    "We hear your feedback. This is one step. We're rolling back the change and we will continue to listen," wrote nudge on Twitter Safety.

    The problem, according to dozens of users who respond to chirp at the beginning, is that the list of notifications are important in helping to identify the targets of abuse abuser.

    The real question is why Twitter could make changes that ends after bombarded complaints from users, the changes are not so do. Interestingly, after two hours of withdrawal and the re-enactment, the company considered it one step. [The Verge]


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