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George C Scott (Foto: The Vintagenews)
George C Scott (Photo: The Vintagenews)
LOS ANGELES - Hollywood film industry players mostly have a dream to get an award. Oscar would be the highest award filmmakers. But in fact there are actors who clearly reject the award when the other actors just want to get it.

George C. Scott became the first actor who openly refused an Oscar. Actor born October 18, 1927 was recorded as the first actor who refused the Oscar for Best Actor in the early 70s ago.

Scott reasoned nothing exciting than winning an Oscar. According to him, the event is also referred to as the Academy Awards is like a made-up events for purely economic interests.

"Parade flesh (human) for two hours, a public performance with tension made-up just because of economic reasons," said Scott at the time as reported by The Vintage News.

Before it was announced as the Oscar winner, Scott actually had first asked the Academy to strike out his name from the list of nominees. However, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences refused and kept putting his name until he was announced as the winner.

Scott began his career in the film Wonslow Boy. In 1958, Scott starred in Anatomy of Murder that drove him was nominated for Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. After 12 years ago, Scott returned an Oscar nomination, but this time as Best Actor for his role in the movie Patton where the trophy was refused.

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