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    Google Open Positions Recruitment Create Hacker

    Monday, February 20, 2017, February 20, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-02-21T06:54:25Z
    Illustration Google (Shutterstock).

    Google reportedly looking for the best and brightest hackers.

    Google reportedly looking for the best and brightest hackers as part of the recruitment of the latest attack. Unfortunately, this job opened in Australia.

    The company wants to fill a number of positions cyber security in Australia. Google thinks the best place to hire a security specialist, is offering it to the students.

    However, the steps taken by the tech giant IT skills tend to be judged exacerbate unusual in Australian government agencies.

    "I think finding the right people who have the skills to hack into the system but ultimately wanted to make it more secure and does not use the skills the bad things and are willing to work at a large software company, will be difficult to find the good people," said Parisa Tabriz Google security experts told ABC Australia, as quoted by IB Times.

    Tabriz, who served as head of security for Google Chrome and has worked with the tech giant since 2007 adding, Sydney is actually a place of recruitment which is really good for some people security, because there are good universities that really helps security professionals cyber.

    The government competing with private firms in salaries compared to 'fight gravity'.

    This is a common problem for governments around the world, while trying to attract people to work, be able to provide salaries and benefits for prospective employees. The Australian Government is no different in this regard.

    "If we try to compete on salary as the fight against aging and gravity, we're going to win," said Michael Scott, assistant secretary for cybersecurity, one of the leading spy agency in Australia, the Australian Signals Directorate.

    "I think for the old government has seen this problem by saying we can not compete financially. But we can compete in terms of job satisfaction, access to phenomenal for information and technology that some agencies of the Federal Government have and it can not be obtained if you work for the Commonwealth or to the private sector, "he said.

    Scott also explained that one of the other major problems with recruiting skilled cybersecurity is a time-consuming process required to provide prospective employees with secret clearance.

    "The demand for specialists with skills that are so big, many of them are not prepared to wait to get a security clearance," says Scott.

    Meanwhile, representatives from the University of New South Wales, Richard Buckland said if it did not have enough students.

    "We train people well, but we did not have enough. There is a huge demand and not a lot of inventory," he said.

    According to Buckland, although there is no easy way to quickly resolve the problem of shortage of skills, one of the ways used to attract more students to enroll in the program is radically changing the way subjects are taught.

    "We know what a good cyber security professionals to look like, but it is still new, still debated how to actually go about creating them," he said.

    "We need someone who is naughty, rude and did not really obey authority. Most teaching institution based around authority and respect and may not be questioned, so there is a challenge to produce them in a formal academic," he concluded.


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