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    Projectors are Changing Tables Become Mobile Phone Screen Start Sale

    Monday, February 27, 2017, February 27, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-02-28T07:54:06Z
    Sebuah keluarga sedang bermain game di atas meja memanfaatkan proyektor cerdas Sony Xperia Touch (
    A family was playing a game on the table utilizing smart projector Sony Xperia Touch
    Using the Android operating system.

    Last year Sony introduced a technology that works like a magic spell: a projector that can turn any surface - including a work desk and walls - into a touch screen, just like the iPhone or Samsung screen you.

    Sony twice showcase advanced devices that are still in the prototype in 2016 ago. At that time the projector is not even named and no word will be sold.

    But in the arena of Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, ​​Spain, on Monday (02/27/2017), Sony officially launched the projector is named Sony Xperia Touch it.

    Unmitigated, the projector was sold at a price of 1,499 euros. Projector Sony Xperia Touch is scheduled to go on sale in Japan and Europe, before it is marketed in the United States.

    Projector Sony Xperia Touch diotaki Android operating system, so that users can access and download all the apps on the Google Play Store.

    When used Sony Xperia Touch can display images either vertically or horizontally, with HD image quality measuring 23 inches.

    Interface technologies in Sony's Xperia Touch utilizes Sony SXRD technology, combined with infrared sensors to detect its movement and touch.

    In addition, Xperia Touch is also equipped with speakers so easy when used to enjoy music videos or movies. Its small size and light weight also makes the device easy to move.


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