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    Risug, Contraception "Magical" For Men India Creation Scientists

    Sunday, February 19, 2017, February 19, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2018-03-31T03:33:30Z
    Ilustrasi alat kontrasepsi spiral. (Shutterstock)
    Illustration contraception spiral. (Shutterstock)
    Professor Sujoy K. Guha from India created RISUG, contraception for men who had passed a successful trial.

    Professor Sujoy K. Guha from India could be the most ambitious figure of the concept of contraception for men. It's been 37 years, he is looking forward to his work to be introduced to the world.

    In 1979, Guha published a paper in the scientific journal Contraception and make the idea of ​​the creation of drug molecules called RISUG.

    The idea is simple, all the particles in RISUG carry an electrical charge and can be tamed by the opposite charge. Sperm can be tamed by the negatively charged positive ions of the polymer drug RISUG. This polymer is incorporated with a single injection into the scrotum.

    RISUG itself contains styrene formula Maleic acid anhydride added dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO SMA +).

    Contraceptives for men can be said is unusual. Almost all methods of contraception makes women as a target.

    Site National Health Service in the United Kingdom concluded there are 16 methods of contraception were registered and 13 of them to women.

    Options for men only use condoms, vasectomy and withdrawal (withdrawal).

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    In October 2016, then, was widely reported on clinical trials of hormonal contraception for men who are still in development forced dismissed because it has side effects experienced by the test subjects.

    Two years ago, Motherboard wonder why RISUG has not been thrown into the market. The average time for a drug that originated from the idea until finally thrown into the market take 10 to 15 years.

    RISUG itself has been tested to 282 subjects at ten hospitals, and the result is magical, RISUG show full efficacy without the side effects.

    Indian Council of Medical Research in itself is planned to apply formally to drug control organizations in India.

    Despite decades of delay, throwing plans to market RISUG not seem to be much longer. Guha claimed to have planned two places in Delhi as a center for the manufacture of RISUG.

    "I can not wait for the company any longer. I'm a scientist, not marketing," the Indian man said as quoted from Vice.news.

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