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    Uncovered! Google boss character

    Friday, February 17, 2017, February 17, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-02-21T07:01:01Z
    Google CEO Sundar Pichai. [AFP]
    Google boss character is revealed by a reader posts.

    One of the topics that were horrendous in the world of cyberspace is the action of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Google's Sundar Pichai replying to a job application a seven year old child. Pichai reply by letter circulating in the virtual world, the expert readers of the writing and signature Kathy McKnight divulge Google boss characters.

    According to McKnight, Pichai shockingly priority logic and the left brain.

    "Through his signature sloping, I can say that this person (Sundar Pichai) strongly believe in the data and statistics. So, action reply to the cover letter of a child is something that is quite large," said McKnight as quoted by Business Insider, Friday (17 / 2/2017).

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    Pichai who began work at Google in 2004, said McKnight, signature vague and very difficult to read his writings. This was compounded by a mix of additional lines and dots.

    "The combination of all it signifies there is an awful lot at the head of the CEO are undisclosed by him. Something we do not know or will never know. Something he always cover tightly," he said.

    "The lines at the end of the name in the signature shows he's very eager to succeed very quickly. The bottom line in the signature that reveals a long journey to get confidence," said McKnight.

    Pichai own accounting career is brilliant. In the last 11 years of his tenure at Google, he develops steadily from the position of head of Chrome business, right hand Google co-founder Larry Page, and eventually became CEO in 2015.


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