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Unique events surrounding the eggs back in the case. This time in the form of whole eggs in the egg-sized! What is it?

Video "Egg Inside an Egg" on YouTube so the conversation because it contains unique content. In a video that has been watched by 221 927 this time seen a large eggs solved.

di Dalam Telur Ini Ada Telur Utuh Berkulit!
Photo: Locker Dome
Instead of containing the white and the yolk, the egg also contains a smaller whole eggs. Once the tiny eggs to be resolved, it will also include the white and the yolk like regular eggs.

Mashable (20/2) reported this phenomenon scientifically called counter-contraction peristalsis. An incident in which when an egg that has passed through the channel of chicken eggs will be sucked back before the development is completed. This allows the other eggs develop in the vicinity.

Gregoy Bedecarats, editor of Poultry Science explained, "Sometimes if other ovulation occurs before the first egg hatched, there will be a contraction of counter-peristalsis which means the oviduct to contract upwards. The first eggs will be moved back in."

di Dalam Telur Ini Ada Telur Utuh Berkulit!
Photo: Locker Dome
Horrified by the strangeness of this egg, Multimedia SNO account that uploaded this video claimed to be surprised. "I do not believe the egg did not kill my hens," he wrote in the video description. He also admitted that no one will eat the eggs. "So my wife making hair moisturizer," he concluded.

Earlier a Japanese woman find an egg without the yolk. While the Chinese citizens in the city of Wuhan saw a 5 yolk of an egg.

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