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    10 Billionaire faced Ordinary It Had Daughter Beautiful face

    Monday, March 13, 2017, March 13, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-03-16T03:07:10Z

    (Sumber therichest.com) updetials.com
    (Source therichest.com)
    When President Donald Trump is getting into the spotlight after his nomination as a candidate for president of the United States, his family had come to the attention.

    Can not be refuted that billionaire Donald Trump has a beautiful daughters, for example, Ivanka.

    Besides Ivanka, Tiffany Trump also began into the public spotlight. Both are equally beautiful and charming.

    It was not only Donald Trump who have beautiful daughters.

    As excerpted from therichest.com on Friday (03/10/2017), a billionaire who also has her usual beautiful daughters as follows:

    1. Richard Hilton and Paris Hilton

    (Sumber therichest.com) updetails.com
    (Source therichest.com)
    Richard Hilton is the grandson of a man who started a business hotel Hilton. His face was mediocre. But, who does not know the beautiful Paris Hilton?

    Yes, Paris Hilton is the daughter of Richard Hilton. Fortunately, Paris is quite successful as a television celebrity even though people think he "became famous because it is well-known."

    According to some people, show "The Simple Life" actually helped to achieve fame as the circulation of the sex video "One Night in Paris".

    2. Michael Bloomberg and Georgina Bloomberg

    (Sumber therichest.com) updetails.com
    (Source therichest.com)
    Michael Bloomberg is a billionaire business manager who used to be mayor of New York (2002 - 2013), shortly after the 9/11 attacks. He earned his wealth of financial data and media services.

    His term agenda filled with a balance between progressive social policy with fiksal conservative policies.

    Although also appear normal, his daughter Georgina Bloomberg is a woman who could become a model. But, a woman born in 1983 chose the profession as a driver of a horse.

    He is good friends with Ivanka Trump and frequently say good things about Donald Trump.

    3. Bill Gates and Jennifer Katharine Gates

    (Sumber therichest.com) updetails.com
    (Source therichest.com)
    For some people, Bill Gates does not look like a millionaire. Moreover, with the style of the 'nerds' - seemed more than happy to hang out with computers instead of humans.

    Compared with the appearance of Bill Gates, who would have thought he had a beautiful daughter, Jennifer Katharine Gates.

    People also thought that beauty is derived from Melinda - wife of Bill Gates.

    4. Steve Jobs and Eve Jobs

    (Sumber therichest.com) updetails.com
    (Source therichest.com)
    As a businessman, the late Steve Jobs did not seulet Bill Gates and he is a designer who is much more capable.

    He mentioned that the goal was to create a very attractive so iPhone users as if to lick it.

    With the look is not too good-looking, it turned out he had a daughter named Eve Jobs that appear handsome.

    5. Bernie Ecclestone, Petra Ecclestone, and Tamara Ecclestone

    (Sumber therichest.com) updetails.com
    (Source therichest.com)
    Not many ever heard the name of Bernie Ecclestone, but a man with a net worth of about $ 1.3 billion, it is the CEO of the Formula One Group, the management company of Formula One.

    See, it looks not exactly handsome. But he had daughters who truly riveting, Petra and Tamara Ecclestone Ecclestone Stunt.

    Petra has a good taste and the cost of marriage spent about US $ 15 million. He lives in Los Angeles home for $ 85 million and London homes worth US $ 85 million.

    6. Bud Walton and Elizabeth Paige Laurie

    (Sumber therichest.com) updetails.com
    (Source therichest.com)
    Walton families, including the most affluent in the United States. He grabbed a wealth of small retail businesses in the bean fields in Bentonville, the state of Arkansas.

    In the US list of richest people by Forbes, about half of the list was the family of Walton, even after the family wealth was distributed.

    But, even with regular appearances, Bud Walton had a very beautiful daughter, Elizabeth Paige Laurie.

    However, in 2005 he was asked to return the diploma to the University of Southern California after a student accused Laurie paid him US $ 20 thousand for doing the coursework.

    When he filed for divorce from her husband in 2015 by reason of incompatibility, her husband even demanded allowance of US $ 400 thousand a month in order to maintain the lifestyle during the marriage.

    7. David Rockefeller Jr. and Ariana Rockefeller

    (Sumber therichest.com) updetails.com
    (Source therichest.com)
    David Rockefeller is a grandson of US oil giant, John D. Rockefeller. David has also served in a number of companies, institutions, and foundations owned by the Rockefeller family.

    Who would have thought, the man who is also a member of a secret group of Bohemian Club and the Council on Foreign Relations New York it had a very beautiful daughter, Ariana Rockefeller 30s.

    It was included in the latest generation of the Rockefeller family and elders expect much to Ariana and relatives of his generation.

    8. Richard Branson and Holly Branson

    (Sumber therichest.com) updetails.com
    (Source therichest.com)
    Sir Richard Branson is a billionaire who started the business in the 1970s through the record company Virgin Records and later expanded to several other bisis including Virgin Airlines. He was not particularly handsome.

    Although people often membicarkan physical appearance, who suspected that he had a beautiful daughter named Holly Branson? Holly still appear attractive as a mother to twins.

    9. Ralph Lauren and Dylan Lauren

    (Sumber therichest.com) updetails.com
    (Source therichest.com)
    Ralph Lauren, dedengkot New York fashion world, is am, a man with ordinary looks, though stylish glamor. His name became well-known brand.

    But it was different with his beautiful daughter, Dylan Lauren is now in his 40s.

    Despite being the daughter of a billionaire, he was the CEO of a small business of his own, Dylan's Candy Store in New York, which he called the world's largest candy store.

    According to him, he got the inspiration of the store when she was 5 years old, after watching "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."

    10. Stanley Ho and Josie Ho

    (Sumber therichest.com) updetails.com
    (Source therichest.com)
    Stanley Ho is the King of Gambling in China with a fortune of US $ 2 billion of his gambling empire. 95-year-old man even had 4 wives, after Hong Kong officially banned polygamy in the 1970s.

    From the proceeds of gambling, he penetrated into the entertainment business, travel, real estate and shipping.

    Although faced regular, youngest daughter named Josie Ho is really charming and become a singer and actress.

    Temporal, the sister business to follow his father, supported her brother singing career despite his father's opposition.


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