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    6 Does This Make Own iPhone 'Envy' with Nokia 3310 2017

    Wednesday, March 1, 2017, March 01, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-03-02T07:11:35Z
    Nokia 3310. (AFP) updetails.com
    Nokia 3310. (AFP)
    Nokia 3310 reborn with various unique in its class.

    Birth 'Nokia 3310 after being introduced 13 years ago, returned to the world's mobile phone market. This best-selling handset has filled the market for 17 years.

    His birth this time supported some neat features that make it so much better than the Nokia 3310 in the first of his era.

    1. Battery life is long

    Battery life Nokia 3310 into one that made him legendary. This new model offers a power that can last for a month in standby mode and 22 hours to speak. Very different to those of the Apple iPhone is not?

    2. Comes with striking colors

    Smartphone lately dominated by black and white. But additional color schemes offered by the Nokia 3310 makes it more 'alive'. Neon yellow color became one brought 3310 this time and could be an option for future phones.

    As we know, the iPhone comes with a choice of colors more 'conventional' to symbolize the image of high-end taste for the wearer, as it consists of Rose, Silver, Gold and Blue.

    3. Suitable kept in a pocket

    Current fashion trends forward with a piece of tighter pants. This led various mobile phone manufacturers produce handsets with sufficient dimention so fit when stored in a pocket.

    Nokia 3310 is 12.8mm body is fatter than the iPhone 7 7.1mm. Even so, the smaller size so that it fits in the palm of the hand. 2.4-inch screen size, it will not make it 'appear' when you wear skinny jeans.

    4. Supported with wired headphones

    7 Create iPhone users, the Nokia 3310 offers new features that are missing from all the high-end handsets, which support traditional headphone cable. Apple may have removed support for standard 3.5mm, so the owners are forced to buy a pair of Bluetooth. The presence, 3.5mm audio jack means you can listen to music on the go.

    5. Game phenomena Nokia Nokia 3310 comes in the latest

    When the Nokia 3310 predecessor out, you are limited to a selection of games, Snake. They create the phenomenon gaming fans, can bring all the nostalgia.

    Now, owners of iPhone and Android has hundreds of thousands of games to choose from. In fact, some of them able to compete with your console.

    But the presence of a physical keypad on the latest 3310 and used it to play games, will give you the experience exciting.

    6. MicroSD expanded

    This capability can make iPhone owners jealous. Because the Nokia 3310 has the ability to expand the phone's internal storage with a more affordable price. Which is only 16MB of internal storage, microSD expansion makes it needed.

    7. The pocket-friendly prices

    When it comes to smartphones, you get something in accordance with what is paid. Likewise with the latest Nokia 3310 is newly introduced in the MWC 2017 for 49 euros, or about Rp690 thousand.

    For the 23 pieces of the Nokia 3310 is comparable with an iPhone 7 Plus 128GB. The long distance is different is not it? But do not compare them in terms of the sophistication of the existing features in the Plus Phone 7. [Digital Spy]


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